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Greetings and Welcome to you one and all, in the name of Jesus Our Lord.
We now invite you to enter our Christian Non-denominational web-site, dedicated to Our Heavenly Father who has Blessed us from above, just as He will Bless you when you enter this site.

Hezekiah Walker "Every Praise" - 5 Points South Flash Mob


From the desk of your host, Bob Olynyk

Hi everyone, 

To the young, younger and youngest, welcome to our Full Christian non-denominational web-site where we hope you, your family and friends will be blessed. 
We are an open Christian Faith-based group of related folks of every country, every nationality and of multi-colours blended into one.
It has always been our mission to assure everyone that as an ever growing family of God Loving people from every culture around the world, we follow but "One God".
As we continue to grow daily it is our desire to share our Faith with the world knowing that we all are in the Loving hands of One Creator and when we accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, we are guaranteed to have "Life Ever-lasting".
Over the years I personally have met with hundreds of thousands of people throughout North America and have received many personal invitations as well from places further yet. I am now really excited as we are ready to physically expand internationally. Prayer Power through Faith will cover costs, I know.
Our mission has always been that of, sharing what personal Blessings I have encountered through my life as well as meeting many people personally who have shared their Blessings with me.
I have collected hundreds of Miracle testimonies and stories over the years of which I publically share these with everyone I meet and groups I speak to.
The rock foundation word of our Christian Web-site Ministry is "Love" defined thru "God All Mighty".
Please listen to this beautiful two and one half minute message given by the awesome man, Billy Graham, with respect to "God's Love" for us. Click here for Video (remember to click the back button to return to our site after watching the video)

Now do you see and feel how much we are Loved? Wow! God never fails us, ever. Want to join Him? Just ask Him into your heart right now as He is waiting, just for you.
Next, I invite you to listen to the most powerful Love letter that you will ever hear. Slide over to, "Inspiration Corner" and listen to God's Personal Love Letter". It will truly touch your heart. 
Again, it is our desire that we show and share with you all personally, that Our Father is a great God and is here for all of us, all the time and for every cause. Give Him a chance, open your heart, and let Him in now, won’t you. You will never regret it. By accepting Jesus Christ into your heart and become Born again, an Everlasting life will be given to you in return.
Following this, check out the rest of the sites. There is something for everyone of all ages, guaranteed.
Would you like to have your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews etc., blessed? Take them to the children's or teens pages. 
Want to relax and listen to the Bible being read to you? Go to the Bible page.
Wish to attend festivals; we have the world right here for you.
These are only the beginnings of our web-site daily Ministry relationship that is here for you.
Stop by daily and be Blessed, won't you and bring a friend for our daily reading.

Years ago, when in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I did a presentation after which a lady thanked me, calling me Pastor to which I replied, I am not a Pastor. I am a counselor, an encourager, a mentor, a teacher and a servant of Our Loving Father God.
Her reply brought tears to my eyes, "You have been ordained, by God the Father, Himself"! I will always do His will by serving you all.

May this web-site be a Blessing to you all as it has been for us.
Through God's Love, Bob Olynyk Your Host: "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

The main and only reason for this web-site is to promote the Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ through; Fellowship, Music, Praise, Sharing, Song and Worship.
If you, your group , your organization or your Ministry are "Strictly Christian / Gospel Rooted" and Firmly Believe that the Only Way to the Father is through The Son, we will consider you on this web-site.
Christians uniting with Christians, to share and spread God's Word, is Our Mission in Life and the Root of this, His site!
With this Gospel Music web-site, we have dedicated our Love and Faithfulness into building this web-site as one "With a Complete Ministry". God has Blessed us with True Guidance and Leadership.
To Him be the Glory and Thanks.

If you are a Gospel music artist, part of a group or know someone who is, have them call (204) 857-3649 or Email: bobolynyk@shaw.ca , and we will consider placing them on this site at no charge to them. All we ask that it is Gospel! We update the site as needed and rebuild every Spring. Now Folks, go out and invite people to the events, copy the website, show people the schedule and enjoy the love of the Lord's servants be it through fellowship, song, music or word!


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