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August 2011 Newsletter


This Month’s Featured Writer is
Debbie Bergeron.



debbie bergeron

Though she flies solo as an independent artist she’s never alone.
Country songwriter/recording artist/producer Debbie Bergeron wears many hats.
Debbie knew from the git go what she was meant to do.
She was blessed with a voice, a compassionate heart and the ability to write those feelings down to share with others. She considers every song she’s written a gift.
Debbie uses those gifts to share messages. Some are painful and some are joyful.
It was after the death of her nephew that the walls tumbled down and Debbie opened up to listen with an open heart. She has shared her music with different causes. Debbie was inspired by the homeless and wrote (Looking For The Love) The BC SPCA, Transition Society (Break The Chain) and Walk 4 Justice (Please Don’t Forget Me) and of course the Gospel Music Festival Ministries (The Power).
She is inspired by life and God’s beauty all around her.
Debbie’s life dream was to go visit Nashville, but it turned out quite different because Debbie recorded her first CD Makin A Connection in Nashville.
This CD opened doors and made a connection with the world. She has also written and recorded her beautiful Christmas CD, The Gift. She entitled this CD as such to say thanks to GOD for the gifts He bestowed upon her. And her last CD entitled She Drives.. Debbie was honored to receive a nomination for Album of the Year for She Drives. It truly was a great gift, for Debbie wrote, recorded/ co-produced this CD.
All the CD’s can be found on www.cdbaby.com
You can also hear Debbie’s music on Sunday Side Up broadcast out of Calgary, AB


Howdy Folks,
If you have never heard Debbie sing, just flip over to our Memory Lane page and listen. Debbie has been our Featured Artist on this page for a number of years now and the people's choice want her to stay there and so do we. Listen carefully to the words as you look into the eyes and faces of the people in the pictures. "You can feel His Love". Another Blessing on our web-site. Thanks Deb and may God keep Blessing you.


~ Bob Olynyk


Bob is out on the road so please keep him in prayer as he travels around the country doing the ministry the Lord has blessed him with.

Thank you for your prayers. ~ Cheryl Heflin



When Bob returns we'll be getting some new photos of his travels across the country at the many festivals he attends and they can be found on our Memory Lane page. Check them out! Maybe you will spot someone you know, or maybe you'll see yourself in our slideshow! :)


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