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February/March 2012 Newsletter


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Howdy Folks,
Let me personally introduce you to some awesome, lively, wired for Jesus,.... God Loving folks , with hearts, music, songs and a Ministry, loaded with the “Love of God”.
I met David and Sharon Liles, (Tri Jesus), at one of their Gospel Concerts at Lakemont Ridge R.V. Park, near Frostproof Florida. ( Barb could not appear), They had the crowd dancing, singing, waving and all that good stuff. Not one bit shy when playing the keyboard, singing for or speaking about his Lord, as you can see here, David is a bit pen shy. His Newsletter entry may be short but his “Bragging about His Lord and Savour’s Blessings upon Sharon and him-self, are Not”! Short and sweet,.....here is what David had to write for us all.

Dad started me playing on the piano, for square dances at 10 years old. As I got older,bars became my place of music.
Being a Christian was the last thing I needed, I liked and enjoyed getting all the attention,...for Me. My main focus was being in bars, drinking, having fun and getting paid for it all. Christian stuff was for the Other guy, not Me.
After a couple years in the Army, 12 years in all the party stuff, life couldn’t be better, but people at work, ( a trailer axel manufacturing plant), started witnessing and praying for me. Naturally,I laughed them all off, BUT couldn’t get the words they spoke about Salvation out of my mind . Many more witnesses and months later, I asked a guy to Pray for me to get saved. WOW, this “Jesus” they were telling me about became real in my life. Not too many people thought it would last, including Me!
Two days later, my beautiful wife Sharon, wanted to try this “Jesus”, that changed her husband.
Consequently, 1984,Jesus came into our lives. My wife, Sharon and I have one goal, now..... Serve the Lord. We enjoy singing for the Lord. We'll sing in a corn field, if we believe the Lord is in it. “He is still working on us and in us to this very day”!
In my bar room days, church & Christians seemed boring.
Our goal since 1984, has been to let people know that serving Jesus is “not only fun, but rewarding”.
Until we got in that boat,(serving Jesus)we had no clue.
Our close friend, Barb is also our neighbour in Ohio.She has served the Lord since childhood, so our Lord has used us to Minister to a variety of backgrounds.
Barb’s daughter was in the Puppet Ministry and she and Barb travelled together for a number of years together to the same places that we attended.That being care homes, churches, county fairs etc. As Barb was already present, she started singing with Sharon and myself, when we found out that the Sharon and Barb’s voices blended. Well, as they say, the rest is history.
Barb as been a Christian since her youth but our goals are the same: “Go Ye into all the world”
Please enjoy the music God has placed in our lives.
In God's love,

David, Sharon and Barb,. TRI JESUS are also Our Featured Artists on the Home page and can be found on the “links” page under,”TRI JESUS”

~ Bob Olynyk




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