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July 2011 Newsletter


Howdy folks.



This months Featured Writer is from Kenya, Africa.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all to...


Pastor Sebastian Ombim.
Sebastian, is the dude on your right.

Pastor Sebastian and Bob


Back in Kenya, Africa was a boy who was brought up in poverty stricken slums in the village. After the death of his parents he joined a gang that was robbing to earn a living. They robbed big banks and stole coffin Caskets, suits, dresses and valuables from dead bodies in cemeteries a day after burial for resale.
One day, they had just unburied a dead body and took the expensive coffin, suit and hijacked a newspaper van. This boy sat with the empty coffin at the back as the rest of the gang was at the front with one driving. After reaching the police check the guys in the front tried to escape but were shot by the police. Then the police came to the back of the van to see what was there. The boy at the back entered the coffin and pretended to be dead. He was taken to the mortuary and could not stand sleeping in the midst of dead bodies. He took off in the middle of the night and mortuary attendants were so afraid and thought a dead body had come back to life! ''I am not dead!” he shouted, but nobody believed. Since that day this boy decided to receive Christ and is now a great evangelist!

There are so many other testimonies of what the Lord is doing with our ministry. Contact us for more: rev_ombima@yahoo.co.uk

Visit our website www.freewebs.com/worem


While staying and traveling in Manitoba, Canada, Sebastian was the guest of Jack and Dorothy Roach of the Musical Expressions.
"They are great hosts", says Sebastian, "but we had a problem with their two lab dogs not caring for me. After two weeks the dogs finally befriended me. It appears that I was blacker than they and they were not too happy with that, at first".
You laugh people. This is what Sebastian himself was telling folks when he was on stage.
This man is a power plant, just charged with a variety of dancing, joking, singing and sharing the Word.
This is one of the stories that Sebastian shared with us. We have another one on the back shelf, for another time.
Our skin may be as day and night, but our hearts are the same colour.
Pastor Sebastian is on our "links" page. Go there and visit his web-site. He is one busy dude not only in Africa but world wide, raising funds for his children and their orphanage in Kenya.
Another Bro, that Our Father has Blessed me with. Thank-you Father. :-)
Bob Olynyk

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