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May 2011 Newsletter


This Month’s Featured Writer is
Jack Brown, “The Gospel Trumpet”.

Jack BrownJack Brown trumpet

Howdy Friends,
I heard an interesting story yesterday – It seems that there was a boy (let’s call him Bob) who decided to follow Jesus at the age of 18.  He was really dedicated and went about preaching to his friends at every opportunity and even placed Bible tracts on the windshields of cars.  You could say that Bob was on fire for the Lord.  This went on for many years, preaching, praying, placing spiritual booklets, and living the best life that he knew how to live.  He tried desperately to lead someone to Christ, but he never saw that happen. 

In later years, a friend came to Bob and admitted that he had noticed something very different in the way he lived his life.  The friend had not known Bob when he was young and energetic, but had only met him in later years when he was simply living a Godly life.  Bob, an older man at this time, was overjoyed when the friend told him that he had become a Christian because he had noticed something different and wanted to know more about the Jesus that Bob served.

It was not the preaching and hard work, but the life that Bob lived that drew the friend to a saving knowledge of Jesus.  All along Bob had thought that his preaching would have led others to Christ, but in the end it was simply the life he lived.

How about you?  Are you setting a Godly example for others through the life you live?  Sometime we get caught up in trying to get the Word out, when the way we live our lives is the only Gospel our neighbors will notice.

However, we also need to get the word out about Jesus – that is our ultimate purpose.  But it often boils down to what the person watching us sees.  Do they see Kindness, Love, Gentleness, Meekness, and Friendship in us?   And are we approachable?  If so, that can open the door to present our Loving Savior to a much more receptive audience.

Christians are different… and Dedicated Christians are really different.

To the Gospel Musicians, Stage and Sound Crews, and Lighting Experts who will read these words, it is so important to not only play Gospel music and be a supporting function for Gospel music, but to also be a dedicated Christian.  You are a minister and are “on stage” for the Lord… and just like “Bob” in the story above, your life is to be consecrated and set above what you were before.  Otherwise, you are just an ordinary person playing Gospel Music  –  Non-Christians, agnostics, and even atheists are frequently present at Gospel concerts and Festivals, and your music and actions may be the only Gospel that person will ever see.  You “can” make a difference.

If you are a person who is living a double standard, do you think that is pleasing to God?  My prayer is that you will be burdened to give up whatever it is that causes you to stumble.  I pray that you will find all your answers through prayer and daily reading of your Bible.  It is also helpful to have a Christian friend to call on who will be there to encourage you and help you to be accountable. 

As dedicated Christians, we know that Jesus sticks closer than a brother and He’s always available.  He wants our praise and adoration, and He also wants our concerns.

From one musician to another, may these simple words give you the courage to stand strong for Jesus and the courage to make any necessary changes in your life.  We need to stand up for the one who loves us more than we can imagine.

May God’s richest blessings be showered on you as you endeavor to live your life in a manner which is pleasing to Him! ~ Jack Brown "The Gospel Trumpet" Waynesboro, Virginal, USA. www.gospeltrumpetmusic.com

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