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October 2011 Newsletter


This Month's

Featured Writer is

Nedia Keel



Nedia Keel

Hello folks,
My name is Nedia Keel and I live in Huntsville, Alabama U.S.A. I am a BMI Gospel Music singer and songwriter. I invite you to visit my web site, www.vocalchordsbynedia.com.

I wanted to address a subject that is close to my heart and that subject is forgiveness. There is a lot of hate and a lot of bitterness in the world. Forgiving the person who has done you wrong is not an easy task. It is a task that will test and improve your character, however, when it is accomplished. Even if the person that has offended you isn't sorry for what they have done and even if they may never be, it is up to us individually to do as the Lord said and that is to FORGIVE one another. Forgiveness becomes easier when you accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior. The bible speaks of how the Lord will forgive us and remember our sins no more but in order to obtain his forgiveness we must in turn FORGIVE others.
The Lord also tells us to Pray for those that persecute you. . But if we try to think outside our own personal box, and really see what the other person maybe going through, and take a walk in their shoes, then we will see that things in our enemies' life aren't going well at all. They may be suffering on several different levels. That is why the Lord says to pray for your enemies. Prayer can help ease their suffering and it will help them and when we are helped and burdens are lifted from us, we tend to treat each other better. Your enemy may become your friend. Just keep on praying for them and most of all have the heart of forgiveness because it takes more effort to hold a grudge than to free your self from that grudge. Let Go and Let God!! Forgiveness is what this hateful world needs and prayer will help make forgiveness easier.

~ Nedia


A Word from Bob...

It was about a year ago that I came across one of Nedia's recordings, listened to it and knew right there, that we had to get this gal on our web-site as a, "Featured Artist". I immediately, personally called Nedia, (as I usually do with folks) and we discussed that we would like to feature her on, "Our Father's site" in about a year or so. Was she excited? Does the Pope pray?
Well, girl, here you are! To hear one of Nedia's songs, just "skoot" over to the "Events" section on the site and be Blessed or visit her on the "links" section.
Thank-you, Nedia, for allowing us to share your Ministry and for the Blessings it carries. God Our Father Is: Faithful, Good and Loving, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
God Bless You Nedia. ~ Bob Olynyk



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