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September 2011 Newsletter


This Month’s Featured Writer is
Pastor Sebastian Ombim.


"Article is Part Two"





It was in a remote village of Africa. A girl was born to poor parents. She did not have opportunity to see them all long enough as they were infected by HIV-AIDs. The all died one after another and this girl was helpless. She went to live with relatives who often abused her sexually and used her to get money. She got into bad habits of smoking marijuana, sniffing petrol and drugs at the age of 7. She went into prostitution at the age of 12 to earn a living and got a child at the age of 15. The child was a baby boy and she left him with relatives to go to the city to look for a job. She found a job at a pub as a Waitress. 18 year after her son in the village had grown to an adult. He left for the city to look for a job as well. Relatives had told him that his mother left for the city as well to look for a job when he was very young. He was fortunate to find a casual job in the city. This was so tiresome and he needed time to relax most of the evenings.
He went to a pub every evening to relax with friends. He saw one beautiful lady serving as a waitress and fell in love with her. He spoke to her and became his boyfriend. The woman looked even younger than her real age! After sometime the woman got pregnant and they decided to get married officially. The man insisted to see the woman's parents, but the woman told him that they were all dead. The woman became inquisitive and asked the woman the village she came from, names of his parents and tribe. Then she fainted, collapsed with great shock: So she realized that the young man she had slept with was her real son that she had left in the village. These 2 decided to give their lives to the Lord after realizing that the world was unfair to them and that Jesus only could help them. Isn't this world unfair? We need the grace of God. For more info of what happened later contact us at: www.freewebs.com/worem



Bob is out on the road so please keep him in prayer as he travels around the country doing the ministry the Lord has blessed him with.

Thank you for your prayers. ~ Cheryl Heflin




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