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April 2012 Newsletter


This Month's

Featured Writer is

Bob Olynyk




Hi everyone from the mobile desk of yours truly,
I hope that you were as Blessed with your Easter Family time as I was and I give thanks to Our Father for having us return back to Canada, safely and in tact. We did have a couple too close encounters but with Our Travelling Angles, we made it through the miles. Thanks for all your travel Prayers.
Although I will not be home until the end of April, I am tossing together a quick newsletter, that is loaded with thanks and gratitude and “lot-sa-Love”, to all.
To the hundreds of people that I met while travelling across the vast USA lands. The gospel events that allowed my to share the word with them, the Live play of the story of Noah, at Wauchula, where I met and shared time with the cast of over 300 people. To the folks, I visited who lost their homes in the hurricanes in Florida a few years ago living in tarp covered ruins and have still Not received government assistance. It was also a pleasure to meet and share time with the many and various Gospel Music Artists and their Ministries as well as the Pastors who let me share some of their Ministry time. To those who invited me to Share with then as well as the pleasant encounters in all the stores and malls where we shared God’s Word. I could still be there keeping busy. This is all treasured moments with more to mention below.To the war veterans, back from Iraq with their legs or arms or bodies blown apart who are fighting for government assistance. To the poor on the streets trying to survive by washing your vehicle for a couple dollars or whatever work you have, they will do and do it well, to boot! They are Not lazy by any stretch of the imagination. They need food to survive.
In almost four months in the USA, I only saw two people beg for money with nothing to offer. “Hello Canadian people. Let me re-write this.Two in almost 4 months”!
To the many who have very little to give yet I saw them give it all ! Money is not, as they have none but personal time given or sharing whatever one could was given in a heartbeat and with Christian Love. How many times we shared in Prayer, in laughter, in song, in fun stuff and cried with Love for what we have been Blessed with,....”Life with Our Father”. God is rooted so deep into these folks hearts, it is a true Blessing to share time with them. We shared, food , hugs, prayer, tears and Family Love. Our colour was one, although at times my dark Florida tan, wasn’t dark enough to not have me stand out, somewhat. They all gave Love, I gave Love, “We all Shared Love as One”. Wow, you had to have been there. You can always go to visit those folks, their door is always open to everyone; Christian or not. That is a Godly way.” Their door is Always Open.to everyone Christian OR .Not” ! This is what it is all about folks: “Under One God, We are One Family of One Father”.
Finally, to the First Christian Church, Pastor Ken, his wife Joyce and my Church Family, (outside), Frostproof, Florida, “thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Your Family is Awesome, Your Faith is Strong and You are going to be missed,....by me. I wish you all the Grace and Blessing that you can handle and then some. Some day, some where, I know our paths will cross again and for this crossing I anxiously wait.
Lastly, I must mention this. Now I do not drink any fire water but in Knoxville, Tennessee, at a local restaurant, I did order my cousin’s husband a cold beer. Well, it was 94’F. you realize. As I sipped away at my sweet tea, the waiter delivered the cold but before placing same on the table, he asked for my I.D. I laughed, and stated that although I always say I am 16 going on 17 years of age, how would he know that, not knowing me at all. He claimed that it was a Tennessee, County law and I had to produce my I.D. With camera flashing, I said , with loud laughter, “ Josh, I Love Ya, partner, here’s my 66 year ol’ I.D.” We will have pictures on Facebook soon. That made my day.
I had better close, as My partner Cheryl from Arizona, will toss me off the site. Folks, I have Truly been Blessed in every way with my past 20 months and it has been God all the way through. Yes there were bumps in the road, but my heart is still flying . God is everywhere, you don’t have to look for His, just open Your hand, then you’ll feel your heart flutter,.........Hello,.....guess who’s there!
Thank-you for taking the time to visit God’s Christian web-site, share with your friends Love the world and Pray for the lost. Remember, “You will Never run out of Prayer, it’s Free and God is Live and on call 24/7/365, for Everyone!
God Bless,
Bob Olynyk Your Web-site Host Can I Help You.“Visit me on the Links page” !


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Thank you. ~  Bob Olynyk
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