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April 2014 Newsletter

This Month's Article was written by

Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

"Be Thankful"

Why is it folks, that people always dwell on the negative, in a negative way? That is because it is the most common and easy way out. Why can the negative not be turned around to be a negative with a "positive" twist? Well, it can. It depends on the person receiving the negative. Do you follow what I am saying? Can you relate to my way of thought? Can you share my reasoning? Yes you can, if you so wish, but only if you open your eyes, remove the blinders, think outside the box, step outside your comfort zone and realize that the world is what we make it and not what our governments and other controlling people want us to believe it should be. Have I lost you, sorry. Let’s work and share it this way, with "my way of doing the 180' twist", Ta-Da!  Here are simple every day occurrences.
Oh my goodness Michael, I just noticed we have a small water leak in the roof ...darn. Honey, the truck won't start, it's going click, click, click. Maybe the battery is "kaput"; I'll be late for work. Dad, my bicycle’s tire got a big hole in it when I ran over the broken bottle and I can't ride it now. Grandma, we're out of dog food. Mary, the cable company called today. They are going to be down for a couple days. I'm going to miss my sports programs. Dad, the water tap is stuck.
This darn storm has cancelled everything, arena hockey, school, roller blading, church, baseball, my tanning date, what are we going to do. This will never do. How are we going to make it without these activities?
Last year, as I was returning back to Canada from a gospel festival in the USA, I got a blowout on my truck. As the tire exploded, I Prayed for safety and gripped the wheel firmly, accelerated, then slowed down at a controlled rate of speed. We came to rest along the highway and I out loud stated, “Thank-you Jesus, thank-you Father". Why did I thank Him when I just blew a costly tire; Because from 70 mph, we came to a safe stop without an accident. See folks- that is how I personally see a negative as a positive. Not, "Dang, this is going to cost me $175.00, but God spared me from a possible accident. Amen.
On February 15, 2014, I suffered two serious heart attacks within 45 minutes. Me, a guy who we all thought was in perfect health...boom-boom. I was told that the death rate of the first one alone was "90%" let alone having a second. God is Good, God is Great, God spared me ...Again. As I was having the second one, I dropped to my knees and gave myself to God's Will. Well, thanks and Glory to Our Father God, I am here to share this with you and will carry His Word worldwide for as long as He allows.
Now people, would you all join me as I ask you to open your eyes, remove the blinders, get your head out of the sand, step outside the box join me and see "life" the way God wants us to see "everything"?
I cannot make you, nor can God make you turn all the above negatives into positives and "Be Thankful", for everything you have and do. Now this is entirely up to you.
Here we go, ready? Roof leaks-"You have a home to live in- Be Thankful. The battery is dead: "You have a vehicle to drive" and a job to go to-Be Thankful. Flat bicycle tire: "Child has a bike to ride"- Be Thankful. Out of dog food: "you can afford a pet"- Be Thankful. Cable is going down, whippy-ding: "You have television/internet too I bet" Be Thankful. Storm stuck at home:. "You have hockey, church, school; play sports, luxury of a tanning spa etc."- Be Thankful. The tap is stuck: "You have indoor water works"- Be Thankful. Going to miss church, yes but-"We are free to worship openly",-Be Thankful. All of this is taken for granted and yet we want more. Think of all those who “have NONE of these what-so-ever", yet they Give Thanks!
See where I have just taken you? I have just walked with you: "On God's Path of life". The Path of freedom, appreciation, gratitude and heart felt thankfulness for the Blessings given to us as needed by God.
You don't have to have everything. Want is a dream, need is a necessity, greed is satan. God's eye might be on the sparrow but He is watching every one of us, every minute and will give us all what we need to survive if we put our Faith in Him. "Be Thankful" not greedy. Be Positive, not negative. Be with the God of Love not the satan of greed.
Be rich in Love not in wants of greed. The Love within us is the Love Seed planted by Our Heavenly Father, God, before our Soul and Spirit were sent to earth from our Heavenly Home.  Love of self, love of fellow man, love of life and love of God. For this; Be Thankful.
Right now, ask God to enter into your heart and life forever. Just a simple Prayer will do. Get God into your “everything”. Get "hooked" on Him and you'll be blessed for life! You will have Life Everlasting! Yes, Forever.  WOW........Be Thankful.
God Bless You Abundantly and Always.

Bob Olynyk     "The Canadian Christian Cowboy" - Who is "Hooked" on God!

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