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April 2015 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by
Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

ABBA  an awesome singing foursome from the U K , in the 1970's, made a very successful song out of that chorus, "except" the and then some,....I added that but this is always what people are constantly saying.  If I had a bit more, or a lot more or I have to have a lot more.
Now which is it, "need or want”? Need as in necessary to survive in life or want as in want for something extra needed or just want out of greed?
All too often it is the latter, out of greed, selfishness, the inner earthly story of "beat the Jones", sort of thing. They have two, I want four. They have big; I want bigger and so on. 
Like these two guys I know of, but “not friends of mine though".

They are forever showing two prime examples of "Greed in the first degree".  Both guys are in the same business field. Both guys idolize, worship, live, breath, eat and sleep; MONEY. They are constantly in a challenging and personal bet as to who can make the most money each, day, week, month and year end. They both have the tax system totally in their favor yet still are not happy with their end results.
Their gross income is $20,000,000.00 - $40,000,000.00 gross PER WEEK. Now, upright your chair, get off the floor re-read to and confirm what I typed and you read,........yes you saw and read right. "MORE"
You never hear of these people because they hide all their money for a rainy day ...I guess, I don't really know. All I do know is that to see this extreme wealth being locked up in hidden places while millions of people near and far, go without food, water, clothing, shelter, medical etc., and this is a cruel shame.
 I hear their story that is their gross income they cry, we have our millions in expenses that must be paid.  Come on guys, I have been a businessman all my life, been around many blocks on all the streets and over every one of the dang hills, now give me and the world a break.  "You can share the wealth".
What I do know and I know this for a fact, is that there was a man who was penniless,  poorly clothed, carried  no  food to share but gave to most everyone in need and there was no end to His giving.
No fancy BMW car, but he did have a convertible,  no "5 Star High-rise apartment " but he did retire in a "Pent house", no formal  educational schooling but He was born, raised, nurtured and taught by the best and  He gave His to all  people.    He was assigned to give unlimited all the needs as directed to Him, by His Heavenly Father.
His pay ...get this ...was to give His life so that we may live and if we so wished, through Him have life everlasting with our Heavenly Father.
Now, let’s get back to these two money hungry hogs at the trough, (if you think I am being too tough on these guys ...that is your freedom of speech ...I will not apologize).  Ok, let’s work on a "low profit" margin here, ok.    Let’s go for a small 10% net profit of the above two mentioned gross income figures. Let’s split it to $30,000,000.00, you with me here?  Now we are talking $3,000.000.00.  Can you handle that remembering that is "per week".  How many BMW 's, high end toys, houses, resorts, yachts, etc. can  you or do you want before you are full, satisfied, done with buying before you have money left over ?
Get my point? There was a period in my life that I was super Blessed with a huge bank account, basically unlimited whatever, with an awesome limit.   My biggest pleasure always has been as it still is and always will be is:  "the happiness, hugs, tears and warmth a combined Blessing of.....Giving". But Ya know what, "you do Not have to be a super money millionaire to give.  Just give what you can afford in money, supplies, time or just plain Love, as in Love Thy Neighbor".
 If you figure you will take it with you, best think again. Chances are your undertaker will "retire" the day after your service.
Heaven does not need gold or money. It is already on the streets and there is no monetary currencies used.
Make your present life, your future and your final destination rock solid.  Right Now, Love Thy neighbor. Give from the heart and "Give to Jesus". Give yourself to Him, let His live in your heart and carry on by: "Loving God - Loving - Each other - making music with your friends and the story never ends.
Look out next month for a young Missionary, coming on board for a bit.  Andrew Warthe will share his overseas missionary works with us.
Plus we have a new page in the final works to be launched soon with huge Blessings from around the world.  "God's Little Treasures"   Keep an eye on the site for "These Little Prayer Warriors"

Now please join us as we enjoy the video Cheryl has picked out for us.

Blessings to you all, Bob Olynyk, your Ministry  Host.

This Months' FREE MOVIE is:

"The Wager"

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