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April 2017 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

Having a very rough up bringing with the constant fighting going on in his home, this is all that Pedro knew from day one later to be followed by his baby brother Eddy, being born. Life was a daily verbal, physical and terrifying struggle as their Mom was trying her very best to give all the Godly love and needed nurturing to keep the family together. It was hell, pure hell as their father Donny was a now solid drug dealer and user. Most of the money was for his drugs, his cigarettes, his truck and his party-hardy life style. When Sara tried to mention that he could stop his down spiraling life style, Donny told Sara to take her God and go to hell along with other very cruel remarks. By this time and at this final point, Sara decided that she would completely focus her teachings of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Our Heavenly Father God, on her two boys alone. The boys now being five and seven had shared many hours with her when they were alone at home and were quite well versed at this point but she would now focus in much more depth.
Struggling to feed and clothe her boys and herself, Sara was blessed to receive "gently used clothing" from the church that she and the boys attended and did the odd cleaning and sewing job.  She basically was the bread winner of the home and always reminded the boys that they were to always give God the Glory for what little because they had food, clothing, a warm dry, clean small home filled with God's unconditional and never ending Love regardless of the beatings and foul language that went on when their Father was around. Thant goodness, that was not very often as he was always out doing his drug party hardy life.
One would have to see or personally hear the life style of this family where the deep Love and Faith within this Mom who would never give in to satan's ways which was really taking a physical drain on her body but not her Spirit. She had God's Powerful Love seed planted so deep within her that I truly call this Amazing Grace. Nothing else but God's Hand's On Love filled this woman who had a Godly Aura even when going through hell. . You could not hurt her heart any longer or break her Spirit because she put up a protective wall. She received the Blood of Jesus around herself and her precious boys. She made it very clear that she would give her life to keep her boys from anyone's harm. - Amazing. The power of this Mom. Well this is where Dam Dirty Donny decided that he was going to have his oldest boy become a man. One Saturday morning, when Pedro was eleven years old, Donny came by the house and said that he wanted Donny's help, which had never happened before, as he needed some man muscle to move some things and they would be back later. Donny seemed to be in a mellow mood and spoke quite differently compared to his usual brutal ways. Very hesitant, in quiet fear for another beating and in silent Prayer within, Sara agreed but asked for him to be back soon as the boys had a small chore to do to earn some spending money. As they walked out the door, Sara wanted to say, : Stop, No, Pedro stay here ", but never said a word as her guts started to turn and she hurt in severe pain. She went to the sofa and dropped. Something was wrong. Something was not right as Eddy tried to con-soul his Mom, by bringing her a cold cloth and Praying that God would fix his Mom.
Well, Sara's gut-feelings were not in vain. A week went by and no word from her son or his Father. Two weeks passed. . The school and church were going to call the police but, out of fear of her son's safety, Sara begged and held them both back. Finally, about a month later, Pedro called and told his Mom that he was living with his Father and Eddy could have all his stuff, as he would Not be coming back. He had a job in sales and is making awesome money which was better than working at cutting grass and yard cleaning.  When Sara asked if he was selling drugs, Pedro just told her not to worry that he would give her some money and help her. Instinctively, Sara cried and pleaded with him to come home and that she would never take drug money to survive, no matter what. If it is satan's filthy dirty money directly from the pits of hell. . Whoa - Pedro flipped and ripped into his Mom with a voice, language and demeanor that she had heard come only from his Father's mouth. Her inner voice screamed out to her that her son was on drugs. Well, it wasn't long that Sara Prayerfully put the wheels into motion, called out to Our Heavenly Father and went to her church.  Through congregational membership professionals, she was given free lawyer help to assist her in a legal way to locate and get her son back. It took time but she received full custody from the family government department who took Donny and locked him up. He had spent some time in a reform institute and a stint in prison. One day a Street Preacher, visited Donny in jail and talked to him about the Love and never giving up fight by his Mom to free him just as Jesus and Our Father God Never gave up on him. Donny broke down and in front of all the other inmates, gave himself to Jesus right there. He was re-touched by feeling his Mom's voice within and Jesus touching him, right there and then.
I am proud to say that Pedro, his wife Robin and his brother Eddy and myself are deeply rooted and share his Street Ministry, here in Florida. Lots of hearts have been touched and Our Family is growing. To Him goes the Glory.
From the Dungeons of Hell with a parents abuse,  to the sad life of drugs, followed by a life of more hell in Prison to the Blessings of Faith through Love and God Blessing one with Street  Preaching. Wow. This is one full circle Love story, to say the least.
This is a follow-up to a past newsletter I wrote that if you can see God had a Beautiful ending to a rough, tough, sad, story but a Godly Mom. Sara had such a deep Loving God Planted seed that the end of His Plan is so Blessed. What I like about God and His Plan for us is the fact that we can have an eternal life if we decide to. It is so Beautiful when one sees just how easy it is. Just ask Jesus into your heart. Just say: Jesus, I am not a perfect person but I hear that you Love me so much and just as I am and you wish to live in my heart. Jesus, please do that - live inside me forever and I will do my very best to be a good child to you in every way.
Now, if you just repeated what your heart tells you to, you have a “New guest “living within your heart.
May Our Heavenly Father keep Blessing Pedro, Robin and Eddy with their Street Ministry and Mom, Sara for her Very Deeply Rooted never faltering Faith.
I am so Blessed to be able to personally share this Awesome God's Working in Proof, of God's Grace in a Powerful Touching and Loving way. What else can I say but: " We Love You Father ", as you are the Alpha and The Omega - The Beginning and The End  - and All that is Good.

Bob Olynyk

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