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April 2018 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Nedia Keel

Easter on April Fool’s Day

I could really be over sensitive about this. You know; being a Christian and celebrating Jesus rising from the dead, on April Fool’s day. I mean who sets up the holidays like this? Why did it land on April Fool’s day? Well the resurrection of Jesus happened long before April had a Fool’s day. But since this is the day we are celebrating Easter this year, let’s take a good hard look at who are the true foolish ones. Is it the Christian? The person who puts their faith in something and someone they have never physically seen. Believing in this book called the Bible? Believing in a man named Jesus that lived and died over 2000 years ago? A man that the bible says was born of a virgin and only begotten “son of God” no less? And then rising from a grave after being dead for 3 days? NO!! The Christian is not the fool here! We believe in a book that has prophecies and knowledge that only science is JUST NOW figuring out. Check out There are things that the bible has prophesied about for centuries. The Bible is truly a miraculous book. The Bible has more copies in more languages in print than any other book in history. Because it give hope of true life for us here on Earth and in Heaven.

Jesus rising from the dead is truly a miraculous event that was prophesied about 700 years before it ever happened. Isaiah, a prophet in the old testament, speaks of Jesus and all of his sufferings and how he would die and that he would rise again in 3 days from his grave. Isaiah also prophesied about all the miracles Jesus would perform so people would believe he was their Messiah, their savior. All the predictions happened. All of them came true. I know and believe in the bible which has withstood centuries of wars and destruction. God is REAL. Jesus, God’s son, did die for us. ALL of us. All we need to do is accept his gift and put Jesus on by being baptized for the remission of our sins and find a church that worships according to the biblical teaching and live faithfully for the rest of our lives. That’s it. It isn’t rocket science. His yoke is easy and his burden is lite.

The flip side: People that don’t accept Jesus in their heart, are they the fools? Psalms 4 verse 1 says; “A fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” What about the unbelievers? Are they the fools? Are they the ones that believe in anything else but a true designer and creator of this world? Are they the true fools? Yes!! says the book I believe in. So happy April Fool’s day to all the nonbelievers! And you all are welcome to join the winning team that believes in Jesus and does his will! Just come and be added to Christ’s church soon like they did in Acts 2. There will be a day when the invitation will not be extended anymore.

Trust in him always because hard times are coming!!! Even the Apostles gave their life for the cause of Christ. One day we may be called to do so too. We are not promised a perfect life when we accept Christ while here on Earth. We are promised an eternal life with immortal bodies uniting with our spirits when Christ calls us home to heaven! Christians are promised eternal life with no disease, hurt, crying or hunger. The other side that thinks we Christians are the fools for believing, well the bible definitely does not offer them eternal life. Quite the opposite; Non believers and even some believers (Because even the devils believe and tremble) are offered suffering for their sins and then an eternal death and separation from all light and God. Jesus said in Mathew 10 vs. 28 “Fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” So everyone in Hell even the demons and the devil himself will be utterly destroyed, they will inherit an eternal death.

We all need to have a healthy fear and honor for the most Holy, our creator, our redeemer, our savior. He has given us all the choice to accept his son. Jesus took on our sin so that he could cleanse us from our sin when we confess him with our heart and accept him into our heart. We put Jesus on in baptism and we accept his Holy Spirit and our heart of stone is made new.

Jesus is a part of our creator that came down from Heaven because he wants to bring us back to him. He wanted to be a sinless sacrifice for us. A perfect sacrifice that can bring us complete forgiveness. I’m not a fool! I’m not a Cookoo bird! I know God wants to save everyone! He created Hell for the Devil and the devil’s angels. It is our choice wither or not we go there too. Our choice!! Hell isn’t going to be a fun party place for drinking and drugs and sex with whomever, whenever. That is a lie that the Devil wants us all to believe. It’s not true! The Devil is the father of all lies. He was a wayward angel cast out of heaven and given this world when sin was born into this world.

We all needed a perfect sacrifice to bring us in favor with our creator God. Only God’s son, a part of God himself, could be this perfect sacrifice. He never sinned while he was on earth which is what the scriptures tell us. Yet he was tempted in every way that we are.

So the resurrection of Jesus: Scientist and philosophers have tried to explain away the many witnesses and the historical documentation by books of the Apostles and the historian of that day which was Josephus. Thousands of people saw him in the 40 days that he was returned from Paradise to Earth. He was resurrected on the 3rd day just as the prophet Isaiah predicted over 700 years BC. And it’s amazing how the dispensation of time came to be BC (Before Christ) and AD (After Death) at the point of Christ dying and being resurrected. The Bible is an amazing book and Jesus Christ is an amazing Savior and we serve an amazing God. A God that can bring us back to life!!! Happy Easter!!! Christ arose from a grave and lives on high to be the judge over all one day!! Be on the right side! The winning side!! Don’t be a fool!! Happy Easter to all the Christian’s that have accepted Jesus as their savior. Praise God! Hallelujah! Amen!! Easter in the Christian’s heart is always celebrated like July 4th. Let freedom ring! We are free from sin!!!

Praise God in EVERYTHING!!! God is Good all the time! All the time God is good!

Sincerely Saved,

Nedia Keel

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