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August 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to this month's featured article, written by "none other than our own Bob Olynyk!




Greetings to you all, my brothers and sisters. How's the weather where you are? God is speaking to us with signs through nature. Read The Good Book for all future details. The time draws nearer every day and could be soon.
I recently spent some time in our local hospital after surgery. (Cleared out my nasal system, found an empty head, packed up their tools and departed). All went well, thanks be to God.
I was so impressed with the people who cared for me that I was inspired to place a write-up with a "Thank-you" in our local newspaper and write this newsletter for our web-site. Right from the get-go, I was treated with respect and care, "real true care". I was not processed as a number but as a person. I call this: "People with a Passion who exercise their duties with Compassion". From entry to pre-op, to surgical/recovery, to hospital care, to release and follow-up. Dedicated people of Passion expressed with warm Compassion, their medical profession as one of Love and concern! They Loved their job and it showed.
Now why can we all not treat one another with such ways in life instead of fighting over everything, from money to possessions to power or whatever? Why can we not band together as God wishes us to be and work in unison as one big family, for that is just what we are; "One Family being of One Father". I am not perfect, but I try my hardest each and every day, to reach out and touch at least one other person with a "Hi" in the parking lots or a," Hot out there, eh", in a store or intermix with families while talking about our Childers's section of the web-site and passing out a site card.
I love Animals, Building things, Creating things, Life, Nature, People, Repairing stuff and the list goes on. These are "My" Passions and I Love to share them with Compassion to whoever will share with me. I Love Hugs, Smiles and My Father for placing this, "His Seed of Love", within people and myself. Now let's get out into our mixed up lost world and do our best to make it a better place. I Pray that as you read this newsletter, you have the same warm feeling with-in your heart as I do while typing this to You. If You Do, then "God Has Just Touched You as He has Me". God Bless you all. Enjoy the rest of your summer and May God watch and protect you and your families always.
Bob Olynyk Host www.gospelmusicfestivals.com and .net. "The Web-site With a Complete Ministry"
p.s. As most of you well know, this web-site as well as me personally, are being hit daily, with "hackers and trackers who send out tracers and the like". Now we may be delayed, in our schedules, (as was July's news-letter or email replies), but we are not going to let these sick people stop this web-site. Also, you may email us and be rejected by our security system. (Phone calls to me personally are better). These financially and costly delays may dampen the fire wood but "The Spark will never die"! Please Pray for us as we carry on what the Lord has asked and Blessed us to do.





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Thank you. ~  Bob Olynyk
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