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This Month's Featured Writer is

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian
Christian Cowboy



"Extra! Extra! Read All About It!" is the Headlined front page of the local newspaper. “The Awesome, Huge Free giveaway day in Smiley Ville".
Wow folks, is this ever going to be a holiday long weekend of free prizes, giveaways, wild and crazy offerings on everything in town.  Folks, just stay right where you are and don't leave town as there will be free giveaways, of all kinds.  Free food and drink. Free tires, free camping, patio, garden items. It's insane. Your local Chamber of Commerce and retail business merchants have gone wild. Yes gone wild. They have absolutely lost ever brick that was on the load.
Well everyone, what do you say. You gonna spend $500.00 in gas to go 100 miles to your favorites, overcrowded mosquito infested camp grounds or you going to be smart and stay here at home to collect all these Free items.
 How about this, buy a 20 hp. riding gas lawn mower-get a 3 hp. gas push mower free. Buy 4 Street-rip tires, get 2 free. Buy a water ski flyer and get all the safety gear free. Buy your Sweetheart a dozen roses and get a Free Nite stay at the Bug-Bite Hotel, with a free breakfast. Yes, it is real, Yes it is happening here and yes this is totally insane.
Free pancake and bacon breakfast, with toast, coffee and juice in the park, Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Free hot dogs at the town square Saturday noon with free pop and freezes. Free corn roast supper with Gospel music from 6:00-10:30 p.m.  When we have the free candy apple and fireworks to follow.
Where do we stop with the free, we don't because there is nothing else like these offers and never will be again.
On the local radio station, the mayor speaks up and says, “Folks, our Happy Dream Town of Smiley Ville wants to show and express our appreciation and Love to You One and All, by celebrating this once in a lifetime offering, of Free things."
Now folks, you all make it a point to be there for a whole weekend of Free everything.

Well folks, as I type this I chuckle to myself as I know where you are right now and I know just exactly where I am going with this.
Hot dang people, I see you have dropped that fishing boat back in the bush, parked the holiday trailer back where it belongs and unloaded everything, haven't you !
Some of the above comments I wrote in this story of partial truth like, "once in a lifetime offer or showing our Love etc." are ones that we have before us every day and then some but people miss, neglect or just don't want to bother with the source.
They will jump at all the free offerings above in a heartbeat but the "Most important free offering" is shunned. Why? All the above offerings are material offerings with no solid ground or of any useful future to be seen.
The food will last a week or so. The roses will die soon. The tires will wear out. The candy will rot your teeth.
Everything here is temporary. It is all man based immaterial and although given in a positive meaningful Loving manner, is earthly material. It means little.
The Best Ever, bar none, offering of "Free", is the Word of Our Father God All Mighty, which is written in His Book, The Holy Bible".
His Rock Solid Words built on His Love foundation for all of us His Children, offers everyone, a Free Life-time offer of Life Everlasting. Yes folks, Life Everlasting, for Free. Ya still with me?  I hope so.
It is not a weekend special, get some free today and the rest whenever, it is offered to Us with only one small exchange: “That we invite His Son Jesus, into Our Hearts, for Free". In exchange, now with Christ within our hearts and our walk with The Father, we have "Free Life Everlasting", yes, for Free.
For the Bible clearly states that as the Father sent His Son Jesus to earth to pay for our sins; so it was paid in Full by the Blood of Calvary.
He paid it All For You and for Me! Jesus paid it for Us All so we may be freed from all sin!
Have you asked Jesus into Your Heart? If not, shell we do it together now, remember, it’s Free!
Jesus, I confess only to You, that I have sinned and wish to be cleansed by Your Love. I invite You Jesus to come into my heart now and forever. I Love You Jesus, I need You Jesus and I Pray through Your Holy name,   Amen.
Now, that was a pretty good Free offering for guaranteed Life Everlasting, I would say, eh! 
God Bless you one and all. Remember,”Jesus Loves Y O U and so do we"!

 Bob Olynyk          "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

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