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August 2015 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by
Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

Just like clockwork, here she comes skipping along again, barefoot and kicking dirt down the dusty old dirt road, with her treasured doll Susie and Susie’s much needed doll supplies in hand.  For 5 years now, she was on a daily mission, heading off to visit her "best ever most wonderful cutest friend in the whole wide biggest world  ever", Bobby.  Katharina was a vibrant God filled beautiful little dark haired spunky princess gal who just loved her parents, her siblings, Susie her doll, friends and God and her Special gift from God, Bobby. Greeting Katharina with a huge 80 acre smile and  his "always most biggest huge monster Bobby hug", Katharina as usual, asked Bobby if he would like to play with her and  as always, she would share her favorite doll. In a split second and as fast as a bullet, without any hesitation what so ever, Bobby said, "yes of course and you can play with my favorite, (only), truck. Gee thanks, Bobby, you are such a nice person to always give me your own special truck to share and then she gave him in a beautiful loving smile and a "sweet cheek kiss". Then Bobby smiled back, hugged her and said that he had real great big  giant surprise to show her and wanted to share it with her, " forever and ever and ever and ever". Gently taking Katharina by the hand and instructing her to close her eyes and keep them closed, or her nose would fall off, Bobby lovingly lead her around behind the country house and to their favorite play tree, which had Bobby's tree house in its huge powerful branches. Bobby said that as in the past, not only did he want to share his tree fort, the slide and swings his Dad had made and now his new surprise with her until God said  that he wanted them to come home to Heaven. Then he said, Katharina,  open your eyes please. She did and screamed with delight and laughter. Low and behold, there was a big beautiful sand box with lots of sand and some toys to play with. Bobby said, Katharina, would you stay forever with me to build sand castles and roads and rivers and mountains and a house for us in my sand box forever? If you do, then it will be "our sand box" for always  and always and we can have our own real children to play with us and your doll Susie can baby sit when we go to town.  I would really,...really like that.  Katharina, would you like that with me too? Well, let me say, before a bee could get back to the hive with its precious load of honey, Katharina was all over Bobby with lot-sa hugs and kisses, jumping up and down, laughing, rolling with Bobby in the grass saying,....yes....yes...yes  Bobby, for ever and ever for ten million years.  We will never, never, never to stop  Bobby. Never to stop,"Ok God she said out loud, please God, never, ok, thank-you  Father God",thank-you  for my bestest friend Bobby.
Folks, what an awesome form of a child's pure innocence, yet such a powerful gesture of love at its best. I just Love it! I have a couple "Love Tears".... :-)
Do you realize that we are all open to this offering of God's true earthly love at its best.  Yes, we sure do.  What an a awesome Blessed example of "God's planted seed of love, planted with in"
Well, some years later, Katharina's father passed away and later, struggling to keep things going, Mom was forced to sell the family farm and they moved far away. It was a very heavy and emotional day for all, especially, these two "bestest" friends who for years were “as one ", friends forever. They now had to be separated. Eventually not to be found due to another move, by Katharina's family.
Many years later, we feel, through God's intervention, Katharina, located and contacted Bobby. Wow, what a happy, loving reunion of real, true, from the heart, never ending, unconditional love, came back to life. Isn't God's "Book of Life along with our Book of Life" great?
There is another story of such an unconditional, free to take, share and live with Love real story that is open to all of us.  Like Katharina and Bobby, we have an awesome guaranteed love offering, like these two.  This offering  has so much to offer that one would be a fool, not to accept. See, at a very young age, both Katharina and Bobby, both knew our Heavenly Father very well and obviously, lived to His desires. If we do as these two did, give our whole being to Our Heavenly Father, we are also assured "Everlasting Live".  Katharina and Bobby, knew for sure, exactly where they were heading after passing on, I Do, do you ?
Just a simple Prayer between you and God, asking Him come into your heart and to take you into His arms forever is all it takes. No fancy speeches, here. 
It is an awesome emotional, personal and private moment between "You and Him". Simply call upon Him now, would you.    He's Waiting.."For You".
 Now , like Katharina and Bobby, would you reach out today and share your  " Blessings, Your Treasures" ?   Bless someone now, would Ya touch someone?
We All need support from one another!    :-)
I Pray that you all be Blessed now and forever, world without end.....  Amen.
As for Katharina and Bobby, the ending is currently in God's hands and His Will shall be done. Amen.

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