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August 2017 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Courtney Myers

Howdy folks,

Well folks, here once again, we have my Grand-daughter Courtney Myers from Highgate, Ontario, Canada, sharing her annual overseas Mission trip with us. I clearly remember the first time Courtney shared with me that she was going to go on her first mission trip. As a team member of - with their main corporate office being in Arizona, USA. I think was more excited than she was as I explained to her how I felt with our Ministry reaching out all over the world making thousands of beautiful loving God Loving friends and now here she was, personally reaching out, to do the same. Just as I found out years ago, Courtney now explains what an awesome experience these ventures are and what a great personal inner-heart touching Treasure to behold within and they truly are. I am so proud of Courtney and all the caring, loving and dedicated people from all over the world who take their God given time and help make others happy. Bless you one and all.

Now let's share some awesome and powerful LOVE right from God's Word. A short 16-minute video of "God's Love Letter" on the "Inspiration Corner" page of our Ministry,

Be Blessed,

Bob Olynyk

In February 2017, I returned to the Dominican Republic with the organization "Outreach360". This time, I took 4 other volunteers with me to Monte Cristi to teach English in the local schools as well as in the learning centre that Outreach360 build and allows children of the community to come learn in. Last year in 2016, this experience changed my life. I changed my career path from Neuroscience to teaching as soon as I returned home and I quickly realized that teaching and influencing lives in such a positive way was my passion.

This year, my group and I stayed in the Dominican for two weeks instead of just one week. By doing this, we were able to teach at the learning centre in classes of children who were eager to learn the English language. This experience once again changed so much about who I am as a person and who I want to continue to be. Devoting such a huge part of my heart to service trips has influenced my life is so many ways.

While in the Dominican Republic this past February, I was exposed to many familiar situations such as showering in cold water and waking up to the roosters. I was also however exposed to many new situations such as teaching a class alone. At the afterschool learning centre, I was given two classes to teach on my own. This experience was beneficial in ways that I cannot express enough. Before the trip, I had been practicing my Spanish but the language barrier was still HUGE and if the kids did not want to do something, it was an often occurrence that they would "not be able to understand" my English… this made things very difficult. However, by being the only teacher in the classroom, I had to learn quickly how to control the classroom. This was an amazing opportunity for me since I will soon be going to school to earn my education in the Bachelor of Education program with a specialty in International Education.

Outreach360 is placed in the Dominican Republic and also in Nicaragua. This coming year, in 2018, I will be leading a group of volunteers down to Nicaragua. The Dominican Republic is very much a second home for me and my fellow volunteers who have been with me since the first trip but this time around, we will be experiencing a different city called Jinotega and we will be working alongside volunteers, staff and children that we have not worked with before. We are looking forward to this trip once again as we know that it has the power to change lives for the better; for both the volunteers and the students. Feel free to visit my blog site at: and reach out to me if you have any questions about what I do!

God Bless,


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