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This Month's Featured Writer is
non other than our very own
Bob Olynyk, The Canadian Christian Cowboy!

Well, well folks, where has the year 2013 gone? Here we are again all excited about the festive season now upon us and all the running around preparing for the "Big Day", Christmas morning. The outdoor decorations, the strings of beautiful glittering lights strung all over the fence, on the house, up in the trees.
Now for us folks up here in Canada and countries where there is snow, we have it a bit better with our outdoor creations thanks to God's gift of snow. For example, building a big snow fort, making snow angles, having snowball fights and oh yes, what it would be like if we did not build a snowman? The snow machines screaming all over the land, sliding down the big hill, shoveling all the sparkling snow. Now for us who are fortunate enough there is the carefully and lovingly decorated Christmas tree and the huge pile of gifts piled underneath. These beautifully and meticulously wrapped gifts of clothing, electronics, gift certificates, money, toys, and the list goes on. Wow are we ever going to have a great day. Hey, what a wonderful life, this is great, this is awesome, couldn't be better, all this good stuff, I just love it, wish we could have Christmas every day of the year!
Well, let us just stop our train of life right here and get off to really take a gander at where we are here.
Firstly, let me state my personal feelings here, “We do have Christmas every day", oh yes, we sure do!
We are alive and that is a gift. We have what we need to survive, some more than others, this is a gift. We have different paths in life to choose from. Man's path ways and God's pathway. This is a gift. We can choose to love life and be happy or we can be miserable and alone. It’s our choice. It’s a gift. We also have the choice to fight our fellow man or be of one huge loving family, this is a gift.
Folks, the choice of gifts under "our Christmas Tree of life" is of our choice. I chose to Love the daily Christmas Gifts that God offers to me and the paths He has laid out for me. My life is not easy nor is it perfect but it the paths that I chose to get me closer to God "daily" I Love our God and our "Daily Bread" that He has for us and I will cherish this gift and work for it and Hid Kingdom always. See, Christmas IS Christ. What an Awesome gift.
Now consider this within your heart; God's greatest gift to us was His Son Jesus. Our Father's Love for us all is so deep that He is offering to give us Eternal Life, if we so chose. What an awesome gift. All He asks is the same as would any other Father, "Our Love". Now come on here, what a simple request thru Love. That's it? That's all? Yepper, that's all; it’s so easy as I give it daily with a tear of Love and a warm smile.
It is my desire to be with my eternal Father, forever. How about You? Would You ask Him into Your heart right now ? Simply and your own personal words ask Him to live within your heart forever.
From my personal life experiences along with thousands of people I know personally, I can assure you that this is best gift you will ever receive. You are guaranteed the destination of your train's arrival point.
Now hopefully you see why I say that I joyfully celebrate Christmas 365 days of the year.
Another awesome gift God put in my path, a number of years ago and a special thanks to Denise Hill in Alberta, Canada, was when God Blessed Christian my web-gal Cheryl Heflin, from Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. Cheryl and I have spent hundreds of hours listening to and creating what God wants and Cheryl's gift of computer designs, as you see here puts it all on the screen. "Her gift is obvious”! Thanks Cheryl, "You are a Gem"!
Now folks, from Cheryl, myself and the whole Gospel Music Festival web-site Family, which you can be a part of also; May God Richly Bless each and every one of You personally and in doing so, will you accept His gift of life full of Love so that you will share with our world?
In closing, I ask for your Prayer support, as we are planning to expand our Christian Ministry beyond North America, to do Ministry Internationally as Our Father wishes. I am a sparrow and God Will provide.
" Enjoy Your Merry Christmas, as you receive Your Gifts Daily".
Now please sit back and enjoy Becky Kelley and her beautiful gift to us as she sings, “Where's The Line to See Jesus”.

Bob Olynyk     "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

Host of "The Web-site With a Complete Ministry"

You can visit our Christmas Pages by clicking HERE!

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Thank you. ~  Bob Olynyk
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