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December 2014 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

He was a happy man, he was a young man, he was a newly married man of over a year, and now with his wife he was a happier than ever man as they announced their expectancy of a baby in eight months. God was sending this Faithful young couple their first child. As time passed by ever so slowly, then finally a baby boy was born. God gave them a perfectly healthy gift of life to entrust in their care. Due to complications at birth, doctors strongly suggested, not to have any more children as the mother may not survive another birth delivery.
Proud Mom and Dad raised their precious gift with God's Word daily and watched this Little Treasure grow so lovingly as the years pass.
Now of course, just as any typical boy, the little boy always wanted to go to work with his Father but was too young. Someday son, someday I will take you with me and show you what I can do for people as they travel in this busy world.
By now the father had a well providing job with the government as a Bridge Master. Now, it was his important job to raise and lower a huge steel cantilever main highway bridge over a river that separated two countries. Both river and roadway traffic were extremely busy at all times and timing was critical and without waste of minutes. When a scheduled ship with a high mast or stack approached the bridge, timing was sequential. First, the loud horn, which could be heard for miles, then the flashing red lights for traffic on either side of the bridge to see and stop, as the arms went down and the bridge began its moaning, groaning clunking movement, rising two hundred feet in the air, on both sides. The ship safely passed under and now the long lines of traffic were ready to move. The movement cycle was reversed, the bridge lowered, the arms raised, the lights and horn quit and traffic moved on. This sequence of events varied each day depending on the larger ship traffic, but none the less, was of the utmost timing importance as if a ship were to hit the bridge, hundreds of lives could be lost.
Then came the day that the little guy was waiting for all his life; to go to work with his Father and help people on earth move along on a safe and guided roadway.
First and most important was a full tour of the whole bridge, which included the safe places and the dangerous places, where only the bridge master or the bridge repair people were allowed to go. They did Not go into the main gear-motor room as the father said that it was really, really, really dangerous and even he was not too happy when he had to go in there. It was too dangerous, but they did have a peak from outside the doorway.
As time went on the father trained his beloved son to operate the big main button for the time sequenced, horn, lights, arms and then the big lever to start the bridge into motion. Once the bridge was started the huge motor and gears took over and the counter weights weighing hundreds of tons came down as the bridge-way went up.
After a few years, the young fella loved watching the bridge do its job and studied the people in the line ups of traffic with a feeling of satisfaction of being able to keep them safe from danger.
One day while with his father at work, a ship was approaching. The father hollered for his son to return to the control, shack as it was time to raise the bridge. There was no reply so the father hollered again and heard a faint voice somewhere. By this time the huge approaching ship was blowing its horn frantically as it was hastily approaching the lowered bridge, with no hope of ever stopping in time. Finally from the main bridge deck, the father looked below and found his son in the gear room with his clothing caught in the main gear. There was no time to run down to the lower deck, release his son and be back in time to raise the bridge for the ship to pass. His only son, what ever shall he do? What would you do? 
It is not known if this story is true or not but never the less: "What would you do"? Every time I think of, speak of or write of this story, just as now, I have tears in my eyes. I Love my son, I really do Love him ever so much and would do ANY for him and his safety.
Would I ever sacrifice his life for others?
Without hesitation and to show His Love for all of us, God gave us His only Son who was sent down to give mankind a safe and everlasting path in our walk in life. Just as the bridge master gave safe passage to the people's lives in which he was entrusted.
This is deep loving truth that I am sure has you in tears as, "I know you know the ending here".
How about it folks, lets please Our Heavenly Father and Live, Love and be one happy family under His Loving care.
Let us show our appreciation for His sacrifice by being obedient and surrendering ourselves to His Heart.
Just a simply Prayer like," Father, as a sinner passed, I want You to live in my heart and guide me from now on, in Jesus name I thank-you, amen".
Now that was easier that making a peanut-butter and jam sandwich wasn't it?
Keep the "Christ" in Christmas, say "Merry Christmas" to everyone you meet. For your Christmas gifts, pass out: Love, Joy, Happiness and God's Blessings", because for every one you pass out, you'll get many, many more in return.
Merry Christmas, Bless you all to pieces and "Share the Spirit of God from with-in". Would you call someone special right now and tell them that you are thinking of them and how "Special" they are to you". I promise you, they will really appreciate it and you all will be Blessed!

Bob Olynyk, Your Ministry Host      and        Cheryl Heflin, Your Web-site Designer


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