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December 2015 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by
Bob Olynyk

Just recently, I completed a three day trip by rail. Three days without a shower, oh my gosh, the pain of it. Super Yuk. I need at least one daily "shower-fix".
Traveling from central to eastern Canada, I had the opportunity to meet many people  and as always, I am constantly reaching out to everyone I see, not just to be friendly but to share Our Father God's Love, as  I  share God's Ministry site and pass out our Ministry cards.
Well, not only was this trip quite exciting to say the least but was so Blessed that I was overwhelmed with some fine folks, of all ages that I came in contact with who were  world travelers.
When Jesus walked the earth, in His short Ministry, He too met all sorts of people from all over the lands. His Ministry designated to Him by His Father God, was to teach the world about His Heavenly Father and the Blessings that were offered to us all. Blessings unconditionally given to all who cared to accept, "for free".
This in part is what I personally experienced on my train trip. I have No doubt that this unusual rail trip, (I usually fly), was 100% orchestrated by God Himself, with an awesome plan for about 17 of His children, of which, I was one of the Blessed.
With people of eight different world cultures, which included, a biologist, a pharmacist, a doctor, an aboriginal youth counselor, a teacher, a pastor,  musicians, to myself a Ministry teacher - councilor - motivational/speaker.  Now folks, this just blew my mind away. Get this, “We were All Born Again Christians" and Strong Faithful followers of God.  Now, don't even try to tell me that this was not pieced together by Our Father with a plan in mind. It all started in the scenic-dome car where I was speaking to three people, then more joined us and before we knew it, the coach was loaded with Christians sharing "Our One God". People, trust me, you had to be present to feel the "Power of God". It was positively and magically ecstatic, to say the least.
To be open and honest, 2014 was pure hell in my life but "only" by my Strong Faith and the Grace of God, carried me through was agreed by all  the doctors that I beat all negative odds and am here to once again, to carry  on with my Mission of sharing God's Love to the world.
Now, 2015 did a 180 degrees in my life where I am receiving one huge Blessing one after the another and I  foresee an awesome future as God is opening, not only Ministry doors but personal doors. I see such Blessed new ventures ahead and can feel God's Love pouring all over me, each and every day, with many exciting opportunities being offered.
Just as was Jesus's Mission, it has been my personal Mission to share with everyone I am near how I have been Blessed throughout my life in many deep and meaningful ways.
Knowing God and His Grace is so fore-filling to say the least and having Him sending His Son to earth to give us an offering that no other can, is truly one of great love.  This is the offering of "Life Everlasting" and it is guaranteed forever. Hey, it is Free to boot.
To accept this awesome free Love Offering, all one has to is do is so very simple. Just as the beautiful folks I met on the train, simply ask Jesus to come into your heart as a lifelong friend. We "all" agreed that the day and moment we individually ask Jesus into our hearts, everything immediately changed and life became Blessed in many new ways.  The road may be the best at all times but all is for reason.
I thank Our Father for the new friends I met and hope we continue to share, our futures together with His Blessings.  You too can be Blessed in unbelievable ways, when you have Jesus in your heart. Trust me. Go for it now, I Promise, you never will regret this decision in your earthly walk.

In this closing newsletter of 2015, please allow Cheryl and myself to wish each and every one of you awesome folks of all ages, a very Merry Christmas. One Blessed in every way with Our Father's Love Filled Blessings pouring over you all, now and throughout the new year.
Remember always that we will "Keep Christ in Christmas", so to you all we say, " Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year, For He is the reason for the season". Amen.
Now please enjoy Cheryl's always creative, Christmas video.  These videos are our annual Christmas Fun Time especially for you, "Our Awesome Family".  Just as we do, God really does have a sense of humor, you know... :-)

Your Ministry Host, Bob Olynyk

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