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You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
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December 2017 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

Blessings, blessings and more blessings. Blessings in the form of gifts of all kinds, life opportunities in every possible area. Love is its most powerful and blessed way. The most obvious blessing to me personally is the Awesome Gift of Life. The most precious gift given to us wherever we are on this earth by a faithful, no-limit, loving Heavenly Father God. A spiritual Creator who has designed, created and built us an earthly place to come to and live while we are nurtured by Him, ourselves, and others. Our Father supplies all our needs while living here and it is up to us to grow to His pleasure, hoping that we will do so, as the goal is to walk with Him towards our Heavenly, eternal Home. Our pathway has all been predetermined before we are born of our earthly parents, as God has personally assigned us individually with great plans of wonderful blessings.

To accept these gifts throughout our days as we grow we must be in tune with Him. How is this done? Well, it is quite simple actually. Firstly, we must believe in Him and invite Him to live within our heart. When we are living within each other and we are connected into One, now we can communicate together. How do we do this you ask? Well, very simple. Either by talking out loud, talking quietly, or in our spiritual minds. Either way, it is called prayer. Yes, true, from the heart, with love, and direct prayer. What can we pray for? Anything... whatever you want, need, wish for, pray for it. Does God "hear" all prayers? Yepper. :-) Does God hear prayers from everyone on the earth? Yepper. :-) You bet. He sure does. Does He always ANSWER our prayers regardless of whatever we want? NO! But, why do we pray if he is not going to answer all of our prayers? There is a gap between want and need. Figure it out. One could very easy concentrate on nothing but the material, earthly 'wants' and forget about the Godly needs to survive in a humble, Godly lifestyle. Then, when will God listen to our prayers and decide if they are worthy of a better life for us and answer our request? The prayer is answered on a priority basis. It may be be years, months, weeks, days or when necessary - instantly! I, in my lifetime, have been through each one of these stages. A good example of my obedience and patience, is the fact that I am still daily holding to a very deep heart-filled prayer since 1993. I firmly believe that God will answer it - against almost everyone denying my prayer question to Him as to being answered. To receive my answer, He has to work on a few people first.

Prior to then, and many times since, then and just recently, in a "freak, near fatal accident", I was forced in desperation to call out to God in my spiritual voice, Help God... help me God - I need you Jesus - NOW - I canNOT breathe! I could not breathe at all. My windpipe was 100 shut down. Closed off. My larynx was completely closed. I was suffocating right there in my ministry office - alone, and unable to call out or phone anyone, as I dropped to my knees. Having many years experience of first aid, CPR, and such medical instructing to hundreds of Boy Scouts and many other groups, I knew the critical 10-15 second window I had before I would pass out and not make it. Instantly, God took away the better part of the pain, placed His loving, healing hands on mine and set me to work on my repairing the damaged wind pipe / larynx. I managed to open the twisted larynx vocal cords to the point where I could feel air starting to flow as I fought to keep alert and get into a comfortable position to further work on opening the whole wind pipe. One thing I did not know was that at the time of the accident, the sudden shutting-down of my breathing/air flow, my blood pressure shot up way over 227 (and higher) - to the critical point where the hospital emergency crew could not bring it down. The impact should have been instant death as a small blood vessel burst, then the uncontrollable blood pressure rising - leading to either a huge heart attack or massive stroke. All the time, as the doctors never knew how to deal with the whole thing, never had seen such an accident happen or what to do, they were totally lost in the moment (as well as for a couple weeks afterwards). Now the accident... what happened? Firstly, let me warn you, especially you guys who clip your ball-point pens onto your T-shirt collar under your neck. Don't do it! Quit now. Stop immediately! It is a lethal weapon. For years, I have done this along with my glasses. That way, when I need them, I know where they are. Well, as I was in a rush to head out as M. C. a music festival, something fell under my office desk. Not seeing what it was and in a rush, I just bent over at my waist, (usually done at my knees), saw what it was, continued bending down then all of a sudden I felt a sharp, piercing pain, (pen point) in my chest and at the same instant a fierce jab to my neck, under my larynx, (the pen click button). Instantly, in a spit second, my breathing was totally shut off between breaths - and down I went. As I was going down, I silently, from within and from my heart called out to God. Before I was completely on the floor, the severe pain was almost lifted and Jesus put His hands on mine to open my wind pipe just long enough to get me up and to a more "comfortable" place. While in not only the local hospital, but two others as well, I went in for a barrage of detailed tests. All the doctors, nurses, medical teams, etc. have never seen of anything like this. "Why did this guy survive?" And the remarkably short "cure time" that immediately followed? I could not walk, talk, or eat. I kept close to God daily and tossed away the wheelchair, walker, and did all the tests given. I kept and am still telling them, "They are doctors in 'practice', while God does the Healing." All the doings are from above. They are finally realizing these, miracle workings of God's love. To date, I have had 4-5 CAT scans, 2 MRIs, heart/lung/blood/eye and other tests done and have passed them all 100%. I need to take life easy for several months from now because of the huge shock to my body. I will do what my Father says. The most upping part of this issue is the fact that a junior intern doctor gave our government driver's dept. an incomplete medical report a month before the final tests were in. Consequently, I was forced to hand over my Class 1 Drivers License, which was clear all 54 years that I've been driving. I need prayer to reverse this - take it away - so I can be given my driver's license back without any further tests. I feel this was a total unprofessional doctor's mistake in judgement.

Thank you all! And give thanks for God to keep working on me. I have received tons of support in every way from all ever the world. People also are wondering how come I can be so calm, relaxed and carefree... "Hello?"... I have always and still will always say: "Let go, let God". Knowing that God is completely taking care of your aches, pains or whatever - so why should one worry? Our Father gives us all a 100% coverage and guarantee of His love. My love, faith, praise and thanks go to Him. To Him and only Him goes all the glory. Amen.

Look at our partner Doug Diamond in the October 2017 newsletter. He too proved his faith, along with his family's."Love, dedication, praise and thanks with glory". We have invited Jesus and have the spirit living within our hearts. Now, how about you? He is waiting. :-)

Be blessed as our good friend Becky Kelly shares with her loving song, "Where's The Line To See Jesus?"

Now we pray that you and yours are blessed with our Father's eternal and Heavenly love - not only during the Christmas season, but through the whole New Year!

For He is the Reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas to you all from the team at G.M.F. Ministries!

Praise God - I am Alive! :-)

Your Ministry site host,

Bob Olynyk

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