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This Month's Article was written by

Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

Now folks, since this story is about people I know, it’s hard to write, but God has told me to share it. I am sincerely asking that you take on a role in this tragic story and at the end ask yourself, and tell God, where you stand and what you would have done, "had you known the truth from the start"!
Remember folks, God is the Judge, not us!

The people of Pleasant County say that it was so cute to watch, when they were at Sunday School, little Betsy would chase Billy all over for the whole day. Poor Billy never had a moment’s rest, until they jumped into their car and Billy's dad who was a doctor, (vet.) headed home, to their farm.
Well this happened every Sunday and as time went on it carried on at church outings, community functions county fairs and later all through their young years and throughout school as well. . Betsy was forever trying to get a hug and later a kiss from Billy.
Now, both Billy's and Betsy's families were very deep and strong rooted religious folks and followed the Bible and God's Word, right to the letter. There was no if's and's or maybe's but's or whatever to be carried out except exactly what God wanted. If the willow stick was needed it was put to order.
Well, as time went on and as everyone in the county figured, young Billy and Betsy got married.
About a year later, they announced that Betsy was going to have a baby and several months they were blessed with a healthy bouncing boy. Naming their new family member, Abraham, everyone was ecstatic. About a year passed and there came another announcement, that Betsy was expecting another child. Again, everyone was happy for this young Blessed family. Several months later brought the arrival of another boy, who they named Emanuel.
There were a few complications at the birth but things turned out alright in the end.
Now with hard times and money scarce, thinks got tough on Billy's trying to support his family as people could not pay for his vet services but their strong Faith and their dedication to their life duties, they trudged along.
Now it was obvious how much Billy and Betsy loved their family. There was a strong, powerful, very strict but yet that loving bond that grew daily.
One day, while at the table, Betsy announced that she was expecting another baby. Again everyone was excited. Several months passed when little baby Rebecca was born. Having complications with the delivery, it was strongly suggested that the family consider not having any more children, for the health sake of Betsy.
As time went on, the family grew stronger and did everything together from the farm chores to baseball, camping, church programs and functions, fishing, hockey, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, short trips, the beach, everything under the very strict eye of Billy and his firm beliefs. Break a rule and out comes the willow stick.
Well as time ticked on, a couple local gals latched onto each of the boys and a young prince charming started to date Rebecca. The boys by now were out of school, working in town to help with the income and did chores on the farm.
Billy's rules were still very strict, fair but iron fisted at times and the children held themselves at bay to rule violation.
One typical Saturday evening after the community hall dance, Abraham now 27 years old, dropped off his girlfriend at her home, held her hand, gave her a kiss and told her that he would always love her and left.
About an hour later, the farm phone rang, Billy answered, screamed, called to Betsy and the remaining two children that Abraham had been in a bad accident at Millers corner and went over the cliff and to hurry, as their son is in grave condition. They rushed into town, to the hospital, not knowing what to expect when they got there.
Now, running down the hospital hallway with the attendant, they came into Abraham's room only to see that their son wrapped in blood soaked sheets and medical people and machines throughout the room monitored his body. It was chaotic in every direction as people were fighting to save this young man's life.
Billy hollered above the noise; "We are here son, we are here, hang in there boy, hang in there"! Hearing his father's voice, Abraham screamed out, " Father please forgive me, forgive me, forgive me,  forgive me, then the monitors started to beep, whistle, ring whale, then .nothing.  Abraham was gone. He went into a major cardiac arrest!
Shock and disbelief swept through the small country town area as word spread like wildfire.
After a few hours of meeting with friends who had gathered at the hospital, Billy took his family, less one, home where they were met by the police.
The officer blurted out, without any compassion; "suicide, your boy deliberately killed himself, he drove right over the cliff".  He then proceeded to ask a few questions, then left.
The family was in total shock except for Emanuel who dropped to his knees and confessed that, years ago, at his brother’s request, he promised Abraham to keep a secret about his brother's life style.
"Abraham, was gay"

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