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February 2016 Newsletter



This Month's Article was written by
Andrew Warthe

Things Get Personal

Settling in…and Moving Out?

Men we consider Faithful were not perfect and made mistakes, yet they remained Faithful to God and more importantly God remained Faithful to them.

I heard someone say it takes three months for one to get settled into a new place. At the moment I agree with him. I have developed an ear for the language (not the vocabulary yet), my body is finally used to the temperature, I have established the beginnings of some great relationships, I enjoy the food, and now I’m thinking about packing up to go home…um? This last part is the truth of the matter, whether or not, I have finally settled in. My time here in Brazil is up and I have been looking back at what God has done in my life and find there is lots to share. 
This last month has been incredible. I am still experiencing new things, and learning lots. Just because the time is coming to an end does not mean one should slow down and pack up early, but to continue until the day I fly home. This sounds a lot like the life Christ has called each one of us to live!

Men we consider Faithful were not perfect and made mistakes, yet they remained Faithful to God and more importantly God remained Faithful to them.

I find God delights in teaching us and the more we spend time with him the more we can see this to be true. I have spent lots of time praying for wisdom and discernment while I have been here—and I know you have as well. How does one live righteously wherever God calls them? One evening God decided to show me that he has been answering our prayers all along. He has given me opportunities to practice being discerning and acting with wisdom while being here. What I have learned from this slightly stressful experience is the following: the end result of one’s discerning process is not as important as the heart’s position during the discernment. The biggest thing I had to understand was where my heart was at and why it was there. Was I trusting God and his plan or relying on my own strength, understanding and desires? When I allowed God to soften my heart and trust him I found all the doors in front of me closed one at a time and I had peace about each decision I made with him.
My coming summer might look different than anyone could have guessed, but I still have peace and excitement for all the possibilities that are in front of me. So the next time you pray for wisdom and discernment, keep your eyes open for the decisions God allows to come your way. Take note of where your heart is during the process and be willing to trust him.
David was known as a man after God’s heart. Where is my heart? Where is your heart right now?

My last full month in Brazil has been filled with learning opportunities and many great experiences: After two full months of doing ministry, reading books, writing papers, more ministry and working on relationships I began to get bogged down with life. God has called us to make disciples and to follow him with our whole lives. This does not mean sacrificing our personal lives and only doing ministry, but allowing God to come alive in our personal lives! This month I was able to connect with a fellow Canadian for supper and a movie. I was able to have a personal night to myself to recharge and de-stress. I have been able to attend a prayer meeting until 3:00 am because I had the time. I have even learned to cook some Brazilian things! When in ministry, people need to develop a personal life: Friends to talk to, activities to enjoy, and time to do things outside of a job description. Living incarnationally is a lifestyle; however, a specific ministry should not consume one’s whole life.
I also had the opportunity to go to the city center and learn about the Streets Project. This is a small group of people who go out every day to connect with and intervene in the lives of children living on the streets. These are children from as early as the age of 10! We sat down and played UNO, Dominos, and badminton with the children. Every child had a bottle of thinner and spent their time sniffing the drug. During the games they were required to close their bottles; however, they always picked them back up afterwards. These children have all left home for some specific reason and do not want to go back. They have formed their own community with unspoken rules and live homeless lives with each other. The Streets Project is up against a lot and intervening in the lives of the children is one of the most difficult challenges I have seen in Brazil.
As I finish up my time here, I ask that you would pray for me to continue learning and not “check out” before my flight. I am preparing to come home and am looking forward to my ministry there!
‘Brigado, e Deus Abençoe!

Andrew Warthe

Served in Sao Paolo Brazil under Action International on a 3.5 month internship/experience working with children and youth at risk at ABBA Ministries
Andrew is a Former student of: Steinbach Bible College SBC

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