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February2017 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Ted Lynch

Could anything good come from Craigville, NB, Canada? A back road, which took you away from the river into a very rural area, is where Ted’s family lived. There were certainly not many folks with wealth but the area was fortunate to have a paper mill operating in the community at that time where the majority of men were employed. Some rivals between certain families existed as well as a few drug dealers for neighbours and a bootlegger which all seemed quite normal growing up.
Teds dad was hard working but struggled with alcohol and he had a quick temper and often spoke with his backhand or his belt. As a child Ted wanted to spend time with his father, fishing and hunting and getting connected with his dad’s love but he learned that his dad didn’t really have it to give. He was very much afraid of his father.
The six children in the Lynch family, including Ted, attended church on Sundays until the act of confirmation and then it was as if they had graduated from church and no longer had to attend. The real religion in their home was hockey, at least with the boys. They’d gather around their Father as he sat in his chair in direct line with the television to watch the NHL game each Saturday evening.
After a series of hurts and damaging words his dad had spoken to him, his heart began to harden. There was a severe shift as he became a teenager. He began drinking at age thirteen and it progressed into his high school years. That’s when Ted said in his heart, “why bother trying, no one cares”. Fist fights with his dad began to occur, he began taking and dealing drugs and no longer was involved in school sports where he thrived as an athlete. He was often kicked out of school and was getting arrested for crimes, drinking underage, theft, mischief, slashing tires, vandalism, and was in a terrible car accident while driving intoxicated in 1988 where he was fortunate no one was killed but was convicted of reckless driving. Ted said there were many regretful things he’d done that he didn’t get caught doing.
Trying to get straightened out career wise, Ted took a two year communication arts program in Woodstock, NB, a year after barely graduating high school. With a student loan infusing money at his disposal, the alcoholism and the drug use became more profound. One night after leaving the bar Ted and an acquaintance broke into the college and were arrested. He found himself lying on a cement slab in a holding cell that morning saturated in his own urine on Mother’s day.
He was sentenced to jail where he was introduced to Jesus one Sunday evening by a group of volunteers holding a church service within the prison. After hearing the message he found himself at the front of the room desiring to know Christ and seeking forgiveness that he might find purpose for his life.
After his release, Ted participated in bible studies and completed his schooling. However, once he finished his course he moved back home and united with his old buddies and continued to live with his addictions. A business opportunity opened up for him and he purchased a carpet cleaning company which became very successful as his father taught him well how to work.
After being invited to a small country church in 1994, Ted began attending this church where he’s still involved today. After the message of God’s grace became real, in 1998 he took his final drink, drug and cigarette. Ted said he cried himself to sleep filled with God’s love, knowing he’d never drink again. He was free!!
His pastor began to shepherd him regularly and he sold the cleaning business. Ted joined the ministry where he worked as a youth pastor, associate pastor and worship leader. Later he became the station manager of the Christian radio station his church planted. It was during this time his music was recorded in Nashville, TN with some of the most famous musicians in North America who’ve played for artists like Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, George Jones and a whole host of others. Ted now travels with his music ministry in Canada and the US to share his tremendous story of transformation. He’s involved in rehab/detox ministry and prison ministry as well and it’s all because of the cross of Christ. His own brother stated, “It’s a miracle that Ted is sober.”

Note: To book/contact Ted - Please go to the "Links" page Canada section and to hear him perform - see his video on the "Guestbook" page.

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