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February 2018 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

Well, I am Ready? Are you? I mean - I Think I am Ready. Eh, like I'm sure I am Ready, but, oh boy, am I REALLY Ready? Now are we ALL Ready? Ok... now, 'Ready now for what?' you ask.

Wow, is this confusing, or is it just mixed up? Well, to be honest, it is a question of both. :-) Usually, the answer ends up being a partially - No... or... we are in part... Not Ready. Let's start like this, with a few "what ifs" or happenings in life.

"Hi Mom. Grandma and Grandpa love you, and Dad says we should be home in 6-7 hours depending on the snow storm and the icy road. Mikey, Jessie, and Susie are asleep in their seats. Dad and I are watching the road. Can't wait to see you Mom, Luv Ya."

"Hi Sweetheart, I want to finish welding this last frame before I head home. Then the guys can load up the whole shipment in the morning and send it off to the customer. Anything you need before I get home? See you soon."

"Big hug for my firefighter, bear. Be safe with God's angels with your fire and rescue crew at the fire hall here. After I drop off the three munchkins at school, my little man and I are going do some shopping for some surprise baking later."

"Darlin', I am having trouble with this little fella's birth. The calf's leg is badly twisted and I don't want to winch too hard on the puller for fear of breaking it inside Old Bessie, so I'll just wrestle carefully with it myself until all is done. I'm guessing it will be awhile. You go to sleep, ok? See ya at breakfast."

Daddy calling home, "Can my girls hear me? I'm coming home to sneak up on your belly-buttons, ready for belly tickles. Here I come, up the street."

What I have basically done here is like written down the final or last known words of certain persons who I knew. In a few days short of a sad month just passed, I have lost nine people whom I knew of.

Now comes to light to my opening remarks of, "Are You Ready - Am I Ready"? Also, as I mentioned in part, ready for what and partially for what?

We all well know that on earth we are guaranteed TWO things, being death and taxes and that is a given. Well, just a dang minute here Charlie Brown. That can be changed. Let's look at this in another way. Seriously, dawggoneit.

We cannot really change the taxes, but we can save a lot of aggravation into another money grabbing issue, called a "Will". Yes, we all know what a will is and by having one prepared well in advance can and will, save a lot of legal and problematic government issues as they, the government, try to take one's hard-earned assets. It is very important to keep your will updated if ever and whenever there are changes / updates to be done involving the person(s), etc. assets being covered.

Now hopefully, everyone reading this letter, will have a current will made up already or will write one up real soon and be Ready for whatever can or may occur. Seriously folks. do it now and "Be Ready". There could be a lot at stake. I, personally had an accident, this past September that should have cost me my life, but my cry out to Our Father's Son Jesus instantly spared me - obviously. I am currently up-dating my old will and will have it all endorsed in the next few days.

Now, this brings me to the second part of my opening remarks which may have seemed a bit confusing to you.

This is the beautiful part that I truly love so much. It is not like anything involving government bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, but a straight, open, honest, from the heart deal at its best. It is the "Offer of a Lifetime - for a lifetime". Sorry, am I am confusing you again? Well, I am telling you all about an offer that is "100% Guaranteed" like NO other guarantee on earth or for that matter, anywhere. How can one give such an offer? Simply and easily done, by Our Heavenly Father, thru His Son Jesus Christ. In The Bible, (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), Our Heavenly Father God very clearly states and asks us to Love Him as He is Our Father and loves us deeply. We accept this Love offering thru His Son Jesus by inviting Him into our hearts and do the very best we can by following God's Biblical teachings and Word. We are not perfect. We will mess up. We will derail. We will all sin. He knows this, but as we live for and with Him, His Love will guide us to our Heavenly Eternal home. Just a simple prayer given in your own words and from your loving heart to Him is all that is needed. Yes, for a life everlasting, that is how simple it is - guaranteed life everlasting with our heavenly Father. :-)

Now, are You ready? Do you have your will in order? Do you know how to receive eternal Life?

Let me go back to the beginning question about having a prepared will completed and ready. Dad and daughter did not make it home. Died instantly. They were met head-on by a semi-trailer that crossed into their lane. Three children are still in the hospital. The late night welder, never made it home - heart attack. After mom dropped hubby off at the fire hall for his fire/rescue job, she died in an accident to which he attended, as one of the firefighters. Their little guy was ok. The cattle rancher, had a massive heart attack and was found in the barn hours later by his wife. Same as the young fella who was going to give his wife and daughter belly tickles. Heart attack. Died shortly after. Never gave the belly-tickles.

Now comes the after effects of just these few happenings: Only two had wills up to date and two families were saved. Now - are You Ready?

Let me clarify one thing here please. You may die, (an earthly death), as a sinner and told that you are going to hell, but as I have been taught and believe - our Heavenly Father God can and may intervene only if He chooses to - and save your soul from Satan's hold and gracefully take you with Him to our Heavenly Home forevermore, as only He can do :-)

"ARE YOU READY"? Don't mess up on either one of these two very important, life-saving issues. One has so much to gain. :-)

Your Ministry site host,

Bob Olynyk
God's Servant

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