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January 2013 Newsletter


This Month's

Featured Writer is

Cheryl Heflin




On Saturday, Dec. 22, we had an all day celebration to remember the Birth of Christ at “The Manger”, which is our own church here in Apache Junction, Arizona, where my husband is the pastor.
We had a low turnout of people, compared to the number that said they were coming. We had cooked and prepared for a large number of people and we were disappointed in the turnout, but it was a blessed day anyway.


We had tons of food left over, but God had a plan. I’ll tell you in a moment about that, but first I want to tell you how that evening, after we had sung by the fire, toasting our marshmallows and sang the last few songs, and the last few people were leaving, probably around 8 pm or so. It was quiet, and dark, and the fire was so warming. My husband and I, along with Daniel, our 20 year old boarder, began picking up a few things and putting them away. The fire pit is on one side of the house and the Chapel is on the other side.

Daniel walked over to the Chapel talking to his Mom on the phone, and my husband and I saw him coming back from the Chapel and we heard music coming out of there. I thought Daniel had somehow put music on in there. We called out to Daniel to ask if there was someone playing music in there, and he said there was a guy in there. I thought he was joking but as we walked in, there was this old guy sitting at the opening of the Chapel, under the light, playing this instrument that had sounds like different instruments playing. It was really quite cool. As though he were an angel come to visit us. My husband had the heaters turned on in there for a while, so it was really nice and cozy. The man said he was passing by and saw the Chapel and felt like coming in to praise the Lord. How wonderful to see that someone felt that about the Chapel. It really blessed us all!


As for all the leftover food, God knew about that too and had a purpose for it. That night I heard helicopters flying close over our house and around the neighborhood. I almost thought I was dreaming as my eyes stayed closed because of our tired I was. They kept going over and around the neighborhood.


The next morning I sent my hubby down the street to a neighbor’s house to bring them cookies for their 3 kids. I had forgotten about the helicopters. He went to bring the cookies and was gone a very long time. When he got back I learned that there had been a fire a couple of short blocks away and a woman had gotten burned over 25 % of her body. Their mobile home was burned down completely, and my husband had walked there to see if he could help somehow. The man of the house was there and was going to be staying out back but had nothing left. So we packed up a ton of food and brought bottled water over to him last night, along with a card and our number in case he needed anything. TV cameras were there at that time. The people that were there kept thanking us. They are pretty looking people and from a rough background I’d say.


Then we had another trip to make. Seems my husband met this young guy of 19, who is married, has 3 children, and his wife is paralyzed on one side from her epilepsy. She had a seizure that left her that way. So we made up another huge container of everything, turkey, stuffing, yams, cranberry jelly, gravy. And another of all our desserts. Wrapped it all up with a card and our number, and brought it to him at Wal Mart (he is a mechanic there), just before he went home for the night.


Our ministry continues and it is a blessing to be able to be His hands and feet.

Visit our website at: www.backtothemanger.com

Bob's: "For What It's Worth"

Here we are again Folks with a Beautifully Blessed Orchestrated Action from Our Father. Another example in Proof of His Perfect timing.
A "temporary" quieter than expected service, gave way to a Huge Giving in a couple of ways, the very next day. Was this a "coincidence" or a "Blessing"?
I Already gave you the answer. Hello! God's Timing is Never Wrong and His Blessings are Always, precise to the need"!
We Must All Live with Faith and in His Trust. To Him Goes the Glory! Amen.



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