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Happy New Year!

This Month's Article was written by

Cheryl Heflin

Two of my latest Blogs that I thought
I would share with you.


I have been tossing these words around in my head for the past week: Pastor; Minister; Reverend; Preacher, and wondering to myself as to what makes one “qualified” to be a pastor, minister, reverend or preacher.
Here are my thoughts.
First off, one of the greatest Christian preachers, in my opinion, is Billy Graham. He’s preached the Gospel faithfully, and spread the Word for many years, bringing many to the knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Savior, and he had no advanced degrees, and never went to Seminary.
The Apostle Peter, whom the Catholic church was built upon, was a mere fisherman, with no schooling on religious matters, yet he was called to preach the Gospel. Called by Jesus Himself.
John the Baptist surely didn’t go to school and get any degrees either. Yet he was called of God to prepare the way, and to baptize.
God calls and equips and qualifies those whom He has chosen. Some people have been GOD Ordained. That is the ONLY qualifying factor needed. I’m not saying it’s not a good thing to learn about church history, because it can certainly teach us about the mistakes made in the past, in hopes to not continue to make them. But God will use whom He chooses to use, and to speak for Him, wherever and whenever He chooses. With or without an education. 
I’m not against education at all, BUT, if you are so busy going to school, taking this class and that class, and “preparing” to GO and spread the Gospel, what happens if the Lord should return NOW, and find you “preparing” to do it, but NOT doing it? Will you be like the 5 virgins who were not ready? “Oh, hold on Lord, first let me graduate and then I can get out there and spread the Gospel, OK Lord? Will you wait another year for me to finish seminary”? 
Just something to think about. Don’t let getting your education keep you from doing what the Lord has called you to do NOW.
Be ready, in season and out of season.
Must a person be ordained by a recognized church in order to be qualified to preach the Word of God?
In my opinion, no.
There are MANY who have been ordained and have all their degrees and doctorates, but who have not been called to preach and are not led by the Holy Spirit to do so. They teach false doctrines and traditions of men. They complicate the simple truths of God and His Word; And they are looked up to because of their degrees and education.  
Let each one of us study the Word and spend time asking the Lord to teach us what He wants us to know. I truly believe that EVERYTHING we need to do the will of God is in the BIBLE, and there is no need for any other teaching than from the Word of God itself. It’s OK to use other books to help us along the way, but if it keeps us in school and away from the fields that are ripe for harvesting, then we are missing out on the opportunity to save many that are being lost. Take what you know NOW and GO. God will give you what you need as you need it. The Holy Spirit will teach you along the way, as you obey.
If you know the Lord has called you to preach the Word… JUST DO IT!
These are my thoughts; my beliefs; my opinions. Blessings †



I think this might very well be an unpopular post.

I am not the type to enjoy conflict, so it’s not my nature to speak my mind and confront those I disagree with (with the exception of my husband, unfortunately for him).
But for the past few years I find myself doing just that, more and more often; but then again, it’s not “me” but the spirit within me, that is speaking. It’s as if, “I can’t help myself”, but I must say something.

The thing on my mind is our children and our grandchildren. The precious and wonderful gifts that they are to us, but also the distraction they can become if we are not careful. I’m not sure how to say what I want to say here, but I am concerned about how we might put our children/grandchildren above the Lord. We just love our new babies, spending hours taking photos and sharing photos, and bringing them to visit all the family. But if this is taking time away from our worship and devotion to God, then it can actually become an idol to us. We must be careful, or the enemy will use our precious little ones to distract us from the very thing we are called to do.

Remember the Scripture about “hating” our mother, father, sister, brother, children, etc….? We need to be careful to not put our children (or grandchildren) in a higher place than they should be. Satan is very clever and he will use the most unlikely things to keep us from doing God’s will. He will keep us so busy enjoying our babies, our teenagers, our grown children, and our grandchildren, that we will drift, little by little, without even knowing it, from the very will of God for us.

This is just something I felt the Lord put on my heart to share. I feel we should all search our hearts and listen to what the Lord is saying.

Blessings to you all. †

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