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January 2015 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

I was walking out in my front yard the other day when Terry pulled up in his van. I pleasantly started off the conversation with, "Hey Terry, how you doin'“? Well for the next hour and then some, my words were few as he started to rant and rave, scream and holler at the top of his voice as he called me and my Faith down. He was going to get his truck, pull down my 88 foot radio transmission tower, with an  "illuminated green 3 Dimensional  five foot by ten foot cross" on top, then get his chain saw and cut down my hydro pole as well. My east driveway entrance has a hydro pole which has a "two foot by five foot cross" on the front, with "W W J D", (What Would Jesus Do), on one side and "4 Him" on the other. Furthermore, he was going to remove all the decals off my company and personal vehicles. Now all my vehicles have our company decals along with decals displaying My Faith: "My Boss is the Carpenters Son"......The Sigh of The "Fish”, Our Web-site Ministry etc. He was in an uncontrollable moment of satan possessed hatred because things in his life were going terribly wrong and he was blaming; as he hollered to me; "YOUR God" over and over.
He was one "ticked off ol' bear" and ready to kill. My neighbors all ran for safety and for the next hour plus, stayed indoors.
Now Terry and I go back about 60 years. We were poor, they were rich and we were always reminded as such. I didn't really care as I personally knew that between my Mom, Dad, sister, family and Jesus, I was doing just fine. Terry had all the material things, did all the costly things that we could not afford but I had my everything, from my gun to spear, to airplane, to sword "magic stick". Plus I had my dog, my Jesus and I had tons of Love. Terry just had material things, nice toys, fine clothes, lots of candy and soda pop to show off.
For years, us two opposites were part of our small country town type guys that just hung around together and did what was fun for boys.
We were dead against girls coming into our clubhouse forts etc. and told the girls to take their dolls and "get". ( I did sneak my sister and her doll in though, when the guys were gone),...S h h h h  Mom is the word.
Then as the years passed one day these pests, a.k.a. girls started to look different. They weren't that bad after all and soon we dropped our Johnny Tough Macho Guy attitude and started taking note. Followed by dating, then by marriage thus families started. Wow, life with these gals as our partners was not so bad after all. In fact, I soon found myself playing dolls, fingernail polish, face make-up etc.
Well as tradition has it, we act, teach and present ourselves as we were taught by our parent(s). Later we are watched by all, including our children where usually we are seen as to how our parents were with us.
Now I have yet, including myself, to see a "perfect parent". Hopefully, we all try to raise our children up in a Godly surrounding in every way possible. Us, well, as I stated before, money wise, we were poor. It was amazing how Mom would make a dollar out of a penny. Our wealth in my home; was Love. Just as God Loves us and shows it to us daily, so did my Mom. Dad "never" once said that he loved me, "verbally", but he Loved me "tons" otherwise! How do I know this, because, as a trades person he taught me everything by hand, before we ever got tools. Carpentry, designing, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing/heating, and the list is endless. See, Dad never had nor heard the words, "I Love You", from his years at home. Mom was the first one to break the ice. Terry and his sisters never received Love at their home either. It was all about money.
My first wife, who passed away with cancer, did hear the "empty" word love used, but with no meaning what-so-ever.
One day Terry met a gal, fell head over heels in "Stupid Land", (his words), with her and for the first time ever learned the true meaning of Love. As they dated everyone could see a great change in Terry. Money was now not the root of life. The two dated, married and started a family based on Love. Soon they started to attend a "church". One day when the girls were 5 and 7 years old, they were confronted by three nuns who started to question them about God. That was about 40 years ago and a" milestone day in hell", for these two girls. All the love that was placed in their little heads then was stuck down in an instance. since then it has harmed their Faith and has proven so in their fallen families. They were going to die in the hot fires of hell and never be with Jesus in Heaven. They would never be with their Mom and Dad as God doesn't want them in Heaven. Can one imagine 5 and 7 years of age, being told this by “people of God Terry just told me this during his rampage of hurt, hate and revenge?
Right now as I am typing, our rivers and lakes are flooding, badly. We are in a disaster zone right across central Canada. By the Grace of God, so far, my home is safe, but Terry is flooded "again" for the second time in three years. Insurance companies are blaming, who else, God. Oh, yes, it is an act of God. Our empty promise does nothing governments are paying next to nothing from the last disaster let alone this one.
Terry has always known where I have stood with God and has never questioned it really. Now that his world around his family is collapsing he has fallen back big time. My Faith is holding me up thanks to God and God is also holding me up to help many-many others like Terry. Why does Terry want to cut down my hydro pole at the street end of my one driveway, or remove my vehicle decals or pull down my tower, let me tell you. Eighty feet up in the on the tower, is a twelve foot high green cross. Green for Life the cross to remind us of Christ's sacrifice for our Life. The decals on my service and private vehicles state, “My Boss Is The Carpenters Son". On the hydro pole I have a cross painted on the street side, 4 Him on one side and WWJD on the other. All visible from the street. During the over one hour of Terry's screaming, I Prayed, (to myself), listened, and slowly watched as the pressures on this man’s shoulder eased as he watch me stay constantly at ease. We ended up in a mellow tone discussion and parted with a more relaxed surrounding.
I always Pray for and ask for Prayer support for all persons and families like Terry who, " I thought I knew- but not". We have NO idea what is happening in another person’s life. Walk a mile in their shoes; you just might want yours back.
We now, more than ever in this world must stand up for and with other with our God Rock foundation. We are losing our lands to satan as he is taking over our governments and churches all throughout the world. Let’s Pray that God gives us the knowledge, strength and unity to overcome what He desires for us, as a happy family of one.
No other Love is stronger than that of Our Heavenly Father, therefore this Love will overcome all evil. Amen

Bob Olynyk


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