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January 2018 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

As every day passes, I am is so sad to see it crumble away. All around us, all day and everyday - every nook, every cranny, every mountain, and every valley, all around the world, Satan is at Large. Not only does it make hundreds of millions of people cry, have nervous breakdowns, endure internal hurt, rape, or even murder... they do damage: other's homes, property, families or eventually, they will go into to a depressed state and commit suicide.

Of the "5W's" in life, the "Who" usually can and usually is the starter and ends up being the "Last W". Then, there is the start of What, Why, Where, and so on. It could be a quarrel over whatever, like anything, our daily issues in life. Let's use a few select issues of people's biggest problems. For example, usually on the top of the list is the lack of money. Followed by, drugs, alcohol, marriage, and family work (or lack of work) just to name a few. Within these and all other encounters on earth and during our lifetime we engage with the other "5W's" along our journey. To be honest, and if one was to keep a log, we encounter all "5W's" most days, if not missing out on one everyone so often. Not only is it an obvious burden on everyone, but it is a sad burden on Our Father God, as we are His family and we are tearfully, sadly and desperately falling apart, right before our own and before His eyes too.

I also, just like you-all am sure you see things around you crumbling down faster than the Twin Towers, which too, was "physically destroyed" by man. Even as I am preparing this newsletter, I am stopping periodically for a moment in time in prayer relating to a handful of friends who hand been sharing their extra heavy burdens over their pathways. Even some of those of Christian faith are struggling with various issues as Satan has sunk deeply within their heart, spirit and soul. They are near burn-out and are trying to relocate their spiritual connection with God and get Him back within their life. Heavy issues like a desperately split marriage of a man and wife (35+ years and two grown children with family), losing the farmlands, divorce. Brothers losing the four family generation farm to the government because their elderly father, while self-doing his own will, did not do like a lawyer would and because it was not done exactly correctly, the government took over into trust. We all know where that is going to end up. Another family of seven, who may lose everything - including the children - because of money needs. Or the guy who is battling with the government against their abuse of power. After months, it appears he may win. He is a faithful Christian and has followed God and follows the saying - The Same As I Do. Say this and do it - "Let Go - Get God". Works for me- always. Like I have said for years, "With God for you, who dare be against you?":-) Or lastly, on our short but heart-breaking list - a separation over a divorce, battle, between a separated couple, a sister-in-law of the fellow in the mess has gone after the disabled wheelchair gal. It will give more money in the whole sweep. Home as past of the 'separated titled property', as a whole. Totally illegal, yes but when the govenrnment steps in all they see is $$$$ for their for their pockets.

These are just a small sample of what we fellowship with once a week at our men's fellowship prayer/sharing time with God along with all issues. People at war with each other, with governments, themselves, other family members, and even with battling Our Father God, as they wander lost.

Because of my age and my very eventfully blessed life and thousands upon thousands of places visited in my travels, sharing with literally hundreds, thousands of people all around the earth, with my personal experiences and "God as my shepherd - Yes, I said "my shepherd" - and I am His child sheep. I have been held, carried and blessed with His endless grace and mercy. If I have an issue, I try to even the yoke, but if I cannot do it myself, I call out for help. Very simple. Like I said before at the beginning of this newsletter - "Let Go - Let God". Trust Him. Trust Him with your personal internal love and desire to be with Him, will be present with and for Him all the time. If and when you have any need Him for anytime, 24/7/365, He is present. He Commands us to do so.

Our Father wants us to dwell within our immediate family, extended family, friends and all our earthly people as one loving family. The longer we are a happy family on earth, the longer we can and will exist. Years ago people have lived as long as 675 years. Wow. That's a lot of hunting, fishing and house cleaning.:-) Today, as faithful families or dedicated Christians who pray together - stay together, check it out yourself. Not that long today but lived long way back. Today, as new little ones are born and within their family/culture they grow, everyone takes through everyone's path of earthly years as care-givers. I would love to mention several races of devoted cultures of not only personal families but other people groups in need of physical, financial, or spiritual love.

Give much needed Godly Support. These are God's angels who are working with the love and spirit of God's planted seed within each one of us but how many use this love give?

We are in a real messed up, mixed up and aimless world, but if we stay with Our Father every step along His planned life path for us, He has great things for us. If you are not sure where you are with Him and would like to be with Him as your Heavenly Father, all you have to do is invite Him into your heart with a simple prayer. Just ask Him in your own personal way. Then, talk With Him - walk with Him for He will guide you from there on.

Your loving reward will be eternal life with Our God in Heaven... everlasting... at Home.

We here at G.M.F Ministry hope you had a Merry Christmas and now wish you all a blessed and healthy New Year. Happy 2018!

Your Ministry site host,

Bob Olynyk
God's Servant

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