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July 2012 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer is...Bob Olynyk


"Happy 145 th. Birthday Canada.
Wow, is the country ever going to celebrate. Bells will be ringing, horns will be hootin', people will be dancing in the streets, performers of all sorts will be out in full regalia doing their thing and there will be fire water by the tank full, fire works will light up the night sky and next day, well,....whatever.
Almost sounds like New Years Eve and its celebrations. ( maybe 'cause Jan.1st. is my Birthday, eh.).
What a wonderful country we live in, here in Canada. We have pretty well every freedom there is. Without getting political, we have many freedoms, that other countries do Not have along with a great bunch of caring, giving, defending people who will help their neighbour, in a heart beat. A strong bred of multi colour folks who blend into one and will fight to the end. Just as in the good Ol' U.S.A. I just Love my travels through that neighbouring land to the south. They too, Love, Honor, Respect and will die for their land.
During their U.S. Birthday weekend, they too celebrate to the last degree, just as we do.
I am just using us, Canada and our warm hearted neighbours, as an example, but the rest that follows, pertains to the rest of the world.
Why is it, that everyone goes party time nut-so over these two annual events, or some other long week end thing or whatever, yet, when we should be think of how, who, how, why and when, all this was able to be.
It is quite simple: WHO- maybe GOD,.........Hhmmmm, ....HOW.....HE is a Creator,.....WHY....Because, GOD is LOVE and HE Created HIS LOVE,.....Us,.......WHEN.....over 2,000 years ago.
Now if one checks out the past celebrations, per capita, more folks celebrate, their countries birthday, and new years eve, than they do, the "Birth of Christ". Christmas as such, in too many cases, is being wrongly celebrated with gifts,..the wrong kind of gifts,...man things. The gift we should give to one and all, is to share time with family, friends and church folks in church.
Today's lifestyle is so far off base that we are aiming for the wrong goals, the wrong wants and eventually the wrong path.
In the past two weeks two people whom I knew, committed suicide. Why, why, why? What the hell is going on? That is just it. We are constantly being bombarded by hundreds of samples of, " Living in Hell". Satan is going full bore, guns loaded.
How about we talk some of satin's motivation and fighting attitude and start to celebrate what God has given each one of us: Life". Lets thank Him every day in Prayer and at the same time ask Him to lead us to someone who needs some support in whatever way. An ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, maybe a hug, or a holding of the hand or a smile or just maybe,....just be there.
Listen up people: " God Himself, has planted, with-in each and everyone of us, a Special Seed of His Personal Love to us, for us that no one else matches. We are all Special and Unique, with in, and through Him we all have been instilled, Blessed by God, a Healing Power when done through Faith Prayer comes from God goes through us" and can do Miracles! Read the book for yourself.
This is God's world, His Universe, we are His children and we should celebrate this daily. If you see some one who has no-one to celebrate this Blessing with,....................well, finish reading this letter and get Goin'.
With the Love of God and the Blessing of God's breath in Your lungs, go out and Love your Family and Friends, Love your neighbour, Love your country, Love All god's Creations and Always,...Always,...Never forget to Love "Who" gave it All to You:
"Our Father God".
Now you have read this news letter, what is holding you up: "GET, out there and Celebrate God's Gifts with the world"!
We Thank-you Father, for each and every Blessing that we receive from You daily. The gift of Life, of Family, the gifts of Friends.
Through Jesus, Who Gave it all, we surrender all to You, Now,.Amen.
Bob Olynyk
p.s. Check out our "blog" section and ask or write something. Look for the blue circle with the silver ring with the silver "W"


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Thank you. ~  Bob Olynyk
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