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This Month's Featured Writer is

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian
Christian Cowboy

Each one of us has one particular moment in their early childhood years that stands out as special. One most treasured one was on my tenth birthday, I got a puppy. I named him Bullet and as time went on, he lived up to his name. One quarter wolf and the rest collie, he would pull my sister and I in our wagon or in our sled, play tag, fetch the stick or be our "catcher" in baseball.

Boy and animal grew as one into young man and friend. I loved him so as we were one. Then one day when I was on the road working away from home, I received a call that Bullet was at the vet with my wife and Dad and had to be put down. My heart was broken. I cried just as I have tears in my eyes now as I type. Hours from my best friend, I understood and accepted the loss.
I have thousands of Treasured Memories to live for, how about you?
Another was when, as a young adult, “I died in a commercial accident". Yes, clinically dead, with five out of body experiences that I share with people or audiences when asked to speak.

This Treasure being when I sat in front of My Creator and I spoke to Him. Yes there is a Real Alive True Living Father God who has Blessed each and every one with these Treasured Moments which turn into Treasured Memories.
Knowing exactly where I was, I told God that I did Not want to die and that I would tell everyone, from now on that "There really was a God and I was with Him" ! This encounter has over the years allowed me to draw closer to God and His wishes, of which one of His Desires is this web-site Ministry. To date I have personally, out of pocket, supported this Walk of Love and Faith myself and have followed God's every request as to how His wants it set up and operated to His Glory.
Another Treasured Moment in time was when a friend of mine, Denise Hill, (Bless You Denise), from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, suggested that I team up with her web-designer, a Strong Christian gal, Cheryl Heflin, of Apache Junction, Arizona, USA., as she figured we would work well together.

I got in touch with Cheryl, worked out the details, both agreed that we were here for God, He was the Boss, this was His site and we would work around His Wishes and He receives the Glory! Thank-you Cheryl, from the bottom of my heart. You are an Awesome Blessed Treasure to work with. Yes, we have had our days, yes we do, but we always work things out for "The Big Guy", eh.

God orchestrated the years so fine that we are being Blessed every day with Prayers and Encouragement calls, emails, chats etc., from "all over the world".
To this point, I have turned down all offerings of financial support.
Over the many years, this web-site has grown deep within me and is My Number one Desire and Passion but now comes the personal hard topic for me within my heart.
My free traveling all over the country, performing M.C. duties, personally/public encouraging/sharing/speaking have basically ground to a near halt.
Due to an accident a few years ago, and my personal income dropping drastically, no more savings, I am forced into setting up a "Donation" page. I have Prayed on this as this was Never my intent but have many-many people say, "Go for it" and Now God has said the same.

The page is now being constructed and we are working on all the legal paperwork for a Canadian and a USA, address. We do have one Radio/TV Ministry in Winter Haven, Florida, who has stepped forward to help us with the proper procedures. God is "Opening Doors for this Ministry”!

Finally, you will notice that we have re-designed the entire site and have entered into a new era, "twelve" years after it was first mentioned. You will notice that we are moving out on a Walk in Faith with our "Broadcasting Life" section.

This World Wide Internet Radio/TV Broadcasting requires funds, which, we do not have. Personally, I State again, “God Has Always Provided the Funds for this Ministry and I Know that He Will Never Fail Us”!

May We All Be Richly Blessed as We Share, Pray, Live, Talk and Walk With Our Father,
As One Family. Thank-you Jesus for All Your Blessings.  Amen.

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