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July 2014 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian Christian Cowboy

Born and raised in a small town in Canada, Marie grew up amongst all races of people. The land had most every nationality of person there was from the Old countries of Europe, of which her family were descendants of.  Being raised by Mom, grandma and aunt and with no father she was overly protected. Her comings and goings were monitored constantly by a very financially secure aunt. She was given whatever she desired whenever, as this was to cover the missing father parent roll.
As Marie grew up her circle of friends was handpicked and overseen by her spinster aunt. Now, in the whole surrounding area there were about eleven Aboriginal reserves and Metis settlements as well. To Marie, with her aunt Mary, these were totally off limits in every way. There was to be "no" association what so ever! Yet another aunt, Edith, explained to Marie why she should associate with all people of good manner, clean beliefs and Faith.  At school, Marie got along with everyone, was well liked, had no social issues but after school and at home, only chosen whites were allowed in their family circle. As the years passed, a few cute boys came and went, Marie's Mom met a man, they dated, got engaged and moved to another town after they married. By this time, Marie was the graduate of a business course and was out in the work force.
Several months later she came home, told her Mom and step Dad of this Military guy she met and it was "Love at First site", for both of them. She spent the rest of the day sharing all about her new Prince.  Well, on a special invitation from the happy parents, she brought Kenneth home one day for one of Mom's famous meals, fit for a king, Princes were included, of course. The young couple just beamed and was as happy as could ever be and the parents could see just that. In the eyes of Mom and Dad, this young prince and daughter were a perfect match. As the days and weeks passed their relationship grew with, warm smiles, loving words and gestures and then plans of marriage and starting a family soon after that before he gets transferred. Everyone was astatic!
Well, never having met this young Military fella, Grandma was going to host a big feast meal, equally fit for a king, back at her place with everyone invited.
The day arrived, everyone gathered at the grandmother and Aunt Mary's place awaiting the arrival of the happy engaged couple. Finally, upon arriving Marie and Ken made their way through the crowd to see grandma and aunty. Well grandma saw them, started to cry as she embraced them both, bear-hugged them, kissed them, cried Happy tears and Blessed them both right on the spot as she welcomed them into her home. What an awesome site. Now aunt Mary was charging through the crowd, spotted Marie and Kenneth and stopped dead in her tracks. With a high pitched screen, she bellowed out: “Oh My God- he's black", turned and ran out of the room, not to been seen again that day.
Of the many millions of creations that our Heavenly Father had done to create this Heaven and Earth, we all notice hardly any. Why, because they are so many and so far and between that we miss them. We have No time to observe the many beautiful colours of Life except one. There is "One" especially that we never miss and that one is not even a colour! Unless there is 100 percent darkness, there is no colour.
What is your favorite colour or colours? Mine is Green, the colour of life, with white, the colour of the bright day-lite and gold trim, the colour of life's riches. God must have had an awesome hay-day of a time as He created our world of colour so colourful.
Like people for example. Although we are of One, He has chosen to give us our own colour entity. My friend Pastor Sebastian from Kenya is black. My friend Robin's beautiful wife from Hawaii, has a rich medium-brown skin colour. My cousin Shirley's husband Dave from China is yellowish-tan. As for Me, well, “I’m a white boy", trying to get a dark enough sun tan aboriginal colour to match my given name, " Great White Eagle". I could go on forever with all the skin tones of my family and friends. See we grew up around "mixed races" just like a box of "mixed crayons". It was and still should be, "a package deal". Love thy neighbour, as one because we are all out of the same box of crayons. 
I have a friend, who's daughter's wedding this fall, is to a Pastor from Guyana. Yes he's black and she's white. Is there a problem? With the exception of the step mother's 100 % objection, I wish them, all God’s Grace and Blessings as they unite into one and "Walk with Our Father".
In closing, let share with you how God Blesses people with true Love. Kenneth, our Military career retired man from, "Jamaica" and Marie have been married almost 50 years this summer. In this time of life and world travels together, they have been Blessed with two children and four grandchildren, all of who are firm, Loving, caring and faithful people. Mix anything with God's Love and it will turn out alright.
Now aunt Mary Never did accept Kenneth, "her loss".
My suggestion to the world's people:  Let us all get together in one group in Total darkness and share conversation. Now, does "colour" matter now? Then why should it matter when the lights care on and we "Tag someone" with whatever?
Let’s Love everyone and everything given by Our Creator in the colours that He has chosen for us.

May we all be Blessed with the colours that God started out with: "The colours of Love".

Blessings to all.

Bob Olynyk   "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

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