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June 2012 Newsletter


Howdy Folks and Welcome to our June newsletter.

This Month's Featured Writer is...



Howdy folks. Hope this letter finds you all in good health and ready for summer. It will come eventually, at least on the calendar.
I must be honest; this is my second writing of the June newsletter. The first one is being trashed. Why, because I am over burdened with the passing of so many people that I know, that I am wondering what is happening here and cannot clear the confusion within myself. I am not losing it, just really wondering about the way the world is going and all.
I guess my main focus now, is the fact that some of these people were "not walking with God and couldn't care one way or another about church or holy people, (as they called them) and all that garbage, (as they said).How many times I would try to have people realize that; yes it is a given that we are all going to pass away but that is where it will differ as to where we go.
I honestly do quarrel with friends over my firm Beliefs and that there is only One God and that there really is a Heaven and a Hell and that we are only going to one. What we do here on earth and how we do it, along with our beliefs and walk will determine our Final Home.
We all have hard times while here on earth. These are God's trials to make us work through each and every one alone or with the help of others. This prepares us for Going Home. If we never quit, help each other and Walk with God, we shall overcome all obstacles placed before us.
When we lose a loved one, be they Family or Friend, the times are tough yes but this is when we gather around and share the burden. Carry the weight as one and remember that this is another of God's trials. We are never given something that we cannot handle and no matter how deep the valley may be, God is still below us, holding us up.
Look around you, and see who needs you. There is always someone who needs moral support in one way or another.
Over the years, we have prayed that this web-site Ministry has done what God has hoped for, and it has. We are Blessed to have people who have used the prayer section of this site, the Inspiration Corner as well as the Bible, for listening, study etc. and signed the Guestbook.
Now, it is with great excitement that we have "Officially Opened" our Gospel Music Festival Blog section. Look for the "W", click on it and let’s share with everyone whatever you so desire. Tag yourself with a "User Name" if you so wish, but now you do Not have to wander lost, lonely or alone. God is Always with You and we will Do our Best to do so as well.
Thank-you. May God Bless You Richly. And remember to Hug someone every day, even if they are a stranger, or at least say "Hi there", and smile. I do. “Now, let's get Blogging' people”!
~ Bob Olynyk ~

p.s. Our Father has called another Child Home. Christine Schuhmann, “The Voice of an Angel" is now singing at the Supper Table. Visit Christine, our long time, Prayer Power Featured Artist, on the Prayer Power page.




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Thank you. ~  Bob Olynyk
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