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June 2013 Newsletter

This Month's

Featured Writer is


Bob Olynyk





God and His Miracles have always and still do amaze me, even to this day.
As a well educated person of knowledge who only too well knows how and what God has done, is doing and has promised us He Will do is still at times beyond my wildest imagination and understanding. 
Why is this? Well, let me share it with you all just as I see it.
We are all human and on this earth we follow many earthly ways and understandings because, well that is just the way it is here on this crazy mixed-up round ball spinning in the middle of no-where.
For example, we go to a car stunt show and watch these drivers perform stunts of all sorts. We go to a horse exhibition show and watch the rider maneuver their trusty animal through a course of various feats. Both of these take time and training skills to do. These performances might amaze us but, this is what man does. Now what about the things that man can Not do.
For example: Earth quake flattens eight story apartment to ground level, rescue crews save eighty seven year old woman or tornado completely levels farm house, mother and children saved by helping neighbors or one more, plane runs out of fuel lands on old Air Force runway amidst race cars, all aboard saved by bystanders and rescue officials.
Now don't get me wrong here please, but the way I see it is, that GOD saves these people, and handed them over to the rescue people. That is a Miracle that man cannot perform.
Let me end with this true story, near to me. A young Father had recently bought a top of the line well-built safe, (so they thought), four door family truck.
One evening, with perfect road conditions, evening sun and clear skies, the Mother was heading to their country home with their 2 1/2 year old strapped in her car seat in the back passengers side of the truck. (This way Mom and daughter could see each other at all times).
According to witnesses an apparent "wind shear" came across the highway and while all vehicles were traveling the proper speed, complete blew the full size truck with Mom and Little one being tossed violently about as the truck rolled 4-6 times. Three of the doors were torn right off, the roof was 75 % caved in over the driver and the horrible pictures of the truck were un-believable as there was not a usable part left, “Except the one door and a three cubic foot area where the little princess was still seated, still intact and not a scratch. Mom's roof was wrapped around the steering wheel and she was pretty badly banged up. The police, rescue people and the paramedics could not believe that these two had survived this disaster.
I can because I know what My God can do.  “He Can Do it for you and He Will Do it for you ", only if you Allow Him to. Open up to the Greatest Gift of Your Life, The Love, the Blessings, the Gifts of God are endless. I have received, Still Do Receive and I Always Will Receive these Awesome Blessing thru His Love. Oh Yes, by the way, “Thank-you Father for saving my daughter-in-law and My Little Princess Grand Daughter, from this horrible Wreck". To You Goes the Glory, Amen

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