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June 2014 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian Christian Cowboy

One never remembers the moment or the day when we are born of our earthly Mother. Just as we do not know of the minute of the day of which month or year, that we will either die or pass on. There is a difference.
Non-believers "die" whereas believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior "pass on" and return to where we began with Our Heavenly Father and our life everlasting.
It is Our Father's desire that while living here on earth that we all share and teach of His Love and to try to live as one caring, happy and loving family. To help each and every one with our time, individual skills and to support each other in every possible way that we can.
Although most folks do the best they can, this world is not a perfect place by any means, so what we do is, "the best possible things as Our Father would ask and expect us to do.
For example, try to do as I do. Quite often, when it comes to an average situation of need of any kind I simply do what my heart automatically feels, or if the situation is a little more complicated I simply rely on the Old Faithful: W W J D? A basically very plain and simple acronym, yet with a powerful meaning. Do you know what it stands for? I have it painted on my street light post, at the end of one of my driveways.
When I share it with you, all I ask is that, every time you come across a touchy issue of any sort and things could easily go awry, just take; W W J D out of Your heart and follow that route. "What Would Jesus Do”? WOW! That is it, so plain and simple. Yet so Powerful, as God is going to answer and direct you. Now isn't that beautiful? This we can all do, if we so accept to and use it to help others in most every issue, at the time of need. It is with this overall, guidance, love, support and God's instant availability that we walk this earth trying to network with each other to share His Word.
In our walk on earth, we try to do this love mission, for Our Father, as long as we can, not knowing how long or short of a time frame we have.
I am so Blessed, for over the years in my travels I have met, fellowshipped and made friends with hundreds of thousands of people and it seems that no matter where I travel to, even new places, I meet someone who I know or am recognized because of our web-site Ministry or a public appearance. This is awesome to me personally as God tells me that I must really be doing my work here according to His wishes.
Just recently, another person I know passed away. In the last three months, she was one of ten people who passed away after each having "one" heart attack. An eleventh person who had "two" heart attacks within forty-five minutes, survived, (Feb. 15th./14.) With this last person, all doctors are totally amazed, he survived the 90% death rate of the first one, let alone surviving the second one, that followed. Their only theories are attitude, baby aspirin daily and being an excellent healthy man. Right from the get-go, this person told the doctors that he was told by his God, the Healer that, through his Faith, (not attitude), he was going to be ok.
My question here is: “Why Me Lord"? Yes, this guy is me. My Heavenly Father proves and says to me that, "He is not through with me yet".
As prepared as I am to return to my Heavenly Home, I am forever grateful and happy that My Father is pleased enough to allow me to stay on earth awhile yet. During this additional new time, I will carry on doing His Mission of Love. Thank-you Father.

Bob Olynyk    "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

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