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June 2015 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by
Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

You know folks, I live and love life to the fullest and to the edge so much that when people tell me to count my Blessings, I answer back with, "Sorry, I can't", using a deliberately  questionable tone.  Wow, their response is that of complete surprise. To me, that's great because now I have their attention, (a highly strategically planed move).  Then I follow through with, “I can't count anywhere that high ". Usually there is a pause as they think the answer, then in most cases, smile and reply with a comment like that's nice or oh, do tell us more or whatever. Wow, YES, Bingo, now the doors open for my opportunity to continue.
One of the many treasured activities in my life was being with the Canadian Boy Scout movement over 40 years. I observed and great-fully learned over the years, just how totally unlimited these young people's minds are. Just as we were growing up, I saw, our brain was always full speed until we'd drop, dead tired.  With a whole wide world out there,  right from the get-go, our inner motivational senses automatically have us open to discovery, learning, motivational skills, super beyond dreams of whatever  and  continuously seeking the "wise owl" advice of us adults as their mentors. Like as a baby, first discoveries: neat tootsies ...I’ll stick it my ear. Why can't I put my toy in the toilet ocean water? Daddy, my diapers smells again, call Mom. Hey, buy different dog food, this is gross. "Bad Mommy and Daddy......bad.......won't let me pull pussy cats whiskers off, but why.
Like all children as they grow and mature, (sometimes we wish they would stay little). The steady flow of questions of educational curiosity in life begin.   Some examples are, Mommy; why does grandpa take out his teeth?  Why is water wet?  Why is daddy so noisy when he sleeps? How come God made the sky blue, doesn't He like pink and yellow?  Why does Uncle John sleep in the ground? I don't like liver. Why did God make it?  Does rain really help things grow?  Mommy, why was Jesus born in a manger with nice animals and I was born in your stomach by myself? It’s not fair.....can we try it again?  I promise I'll be good.
This is not even a drop in the ocean, with respect to the numberless amount of questions asked of us all throughout our live, from beginning to its end, while here on earth.  I just Love it.
If you are like me right now, you are probably chuckling to yourself as you relate to these questions, comments and remarks with your own personal thoughts. As a Dad, grandpa, uncle, God Father and friend, I too have shared these times. .   Oh, yes, every second of these precious times are Blessings by the way.
All my life I have traveled and met thousands of people all over the land and I completely love sharing my "Life's Blessings" as I travel, but you know folks, it is not like a young growing child where the questions are flying out as fast as a jet plane. People age clamming up, closing out, shutting down.  No questions. You, Me Us, We have to start the ball rolling. Get the conversation going and try to keep it rolling as people in most cases will begin to open up. Some immediately while others are a little slower. Depends on your "Aura”. Your eyes, your face, your voice tone, your stature motivated by God via your heart, will "draw" people to you, just as these God's Little Treasure's" remarks.
Just stop for a moment and ponder this "Million dollar door  opener", a  series of questions by a very young but still none the less very serious inquisitive child, with tears running down their cheeks,  " Why is Jesus there with those big nails in His hands ? Why?  That's Not Fair!  He's a nice person! That hurts. Why don't those men help Him and take Him down. Why is He up there?  I can hear His Father God crying just like me”.          You could hear a feather drop.
Stand tall, Walk with Him, and Talk with Him Pray with Him.  Try to do like Him, as best you can... W W J D..... (What Would Jesus Do).  Right now, with Him with you, a simple Prayer of forgiveness and an invitation to Him to live inside of you, is all that that is needed. Accept Jesus into your life forever. Share Him with the world. Tell everyone about Him. It's easy because it is "Fun-Love" talk, from within and above.  Would you like to receive a "Bank of Heaven" check?  It is yours free along with a free pass to an eternal life after we leave our "earthly home". This will be "another Blessing" and as I inform folks when we are thanked and praised for this Ministry, "Cheryl and I have been Blessed to work for our Father for many years".
  As an awesome team leader He will welcome you with open arms. You can be with Him now and forever, just as we will be.
Wow, what “another" awesome Blessing. Now your assignment is to "Count Your Blessings" like sheep over a fence, until you fall asleep. My bet is; "You can't".
For this Ministry and all that He Blesses us with, Cheryl and I thank Him so much.

Blessings, Bob  Olynyk, Your Ministry Host"To Him goes all the Glory."

Now folks,  grab your popcorn and spiced apple cider, get comfy-snuggly as we share the "Inspirational "  video below, that Cheryl has chosen for us all to enjoy. Just click below.

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