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June 2016 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer
Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

"If you don't Walk it, Don't Wear it!"

One of the many Awesome Blessings in my Path of Life, has always been and still is - is the meeting and fellow-shipping many thousands of people all over our great lands. I truly have been so Blessed over the years and thank Our Father after every encounter. Happy times, sad times, needy times, Prayer times, every encounter a Blessed Treasure alone within itself. Wow.
To share Life and God's Love, to me, is better than a triple layer double portion dark chocolate raspberry - pineapple walnut maple syrup banana-split. Both are filling and sweet but God's Grace beats all by a huge country mile. It is forever filling with life's best for us and you can Not beat " His Sweet Grace thru His Love ".
One has to have His Love Living within, to really know and appreciate it.
Within our daily growing Ministry circle, we have our various divisions like: direct talk, phone / conference calls / emails / texting / Skype / WhatsApp, crowds of all sorts and such, but to me without hesitation,  I admit that my most rewarding and definite Loves in our Blessed Ministry, is our " Street Ministry".  For me personally, I love all the rest but "face to face - hands on ", to me is very personal.  Oh yes, just let me loose in the open and spontaneously, out of the clear blue of impulse approaching folks where God directs us to. This has, to me always been a great Blessing as one meets and shares with people of all races and backgrounds. God is oh so good in directing us as where to go, who to approach, what to say and what to do. Just follow me and watch His Directing our actions. You also like me, Will Be Blessed, big time.
Asking for God's direction as I venture, I am always searching for signs of people wearing anything showing God's presence. I love seeing people wearing something showing their following of Our Lord. A necklace cross, a decal, a Christian shirt, a Fish sign in their vehicle and such symbols of Jesus and God's World. I strongly feel that if you "Walk it - Wear It, talk it, show it, be it ". Many times, when sharing Our Father in any way, I get very emotional in my speaking as My Personal Blessings start to flow through my mind and I want to out pour with My Personal Blessing and share them with the world.
I do not have to open my mouth to let people know my Faith in our Savor Jesus and my Love for Him.  My house, my yard hydro pole, my company / private vehicles display my Following and I have a beautiful eye catching silver / gold bracelet with a gold cross and the Lord’s Prayer written on it, in gold " . All of these, OPEN doors ".
I show it, I wear it, I Love it, I share it, I talk it and I Walk it, with all.
One would presume that others who say they Love the Lord, would do the same,” Wrong ".
Just recently, I saw a small group of young folks between 17-22 years old on a city sidewalk, laughing, joking around and have a fun time.
Noticing their attire, I approached them, introduced myself and the Ministry site.  Suddenly, their whole demeanor completely and drastically changed as one guy stepped forward and stated that they did Not need my &@!%  and why did I think they needed this Jesus stuff anyway. He said that I could "take a &@)&% hike and take my  &*$)@ with me ".
I very clearly stated and pointed out that I was attracted to their Christian shirts, large gold chain crosses, T shirts, etc. and that I felt very comfortable in joining in with " Our Father's Family " members.  Well, I was soon clearly corrected in my thoughts and they could wear whatever they wanted and it was none of my business.
I commented that they were committing a sin of deceit to Our Father and in very directly I boldly stated that, in My Opinion: If You don’t walk it - Don't Wear it. 
Well with that said, it was time I exited the scene as things were getting tense.
I guess my point here and to everyone is a bit of an honest, from my heart open plea in all fairness to everyone, especially you and God.
Folks, if I may ask, please, if you are a Real, True, Open, Honest, Devoted child of our Lord and Walk with Him, Stand Tall, be radiant and boldly show it in every way, ok.  Walk - it - Talk - it - Do - it.
If not, how about inviting Him into Your heart, Right Now. Oh  yes,  It is so easy, like simply asking  Jesus to erase all your past wrong doings, step into your heart, live there forever and to guide you through your new awesome future.  You Will feel Him touch you and with this you will soon see new and wonderful Blessings, new beginnings, new opportunities, new friends and the endless list of good things that will go on and on and on. “Trust Me”. Focus on Jesus, feed on His Love, appreciate His endless Grace given and let your Faith grow endlessly.
If you ever wish to have personal one on one Prayer, to share something or anything that touches your heart, write us, call us, email us just do it.  I would love to have you contact me.
Be Blessed.

Bob  Olynyk

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