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You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
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June 2017 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

Mom always said that in life, most good things did not last forever and she was so right, Since day one, where Our Heavenly Father, Rob Fowler, (web designer), and myself created this Ministry site which has been progressively Blessed, over the years. This Ministry was built, developed and operates on God's Grace. We do Not collect monies whatsoever. We have have been hit by satan many, many times very hard at times but Our Father has carried us through, every time. He, our computer designer/maintainer and myself working with Prayer, closely design / word and professionally build every presentation of "God's Site", for Him. We always stress that He receives All the Glory. Over the years, we have gone through several web designers / maintenance managers. On June 26th. 1964, I personally promised, to the best of my ability and financial being, dedicate my life to share the Love and draw people to Him. My Faithfulness and Dedication of our Father God to the whole world, for sparing my life through a death accident, I had personally experienced was my motivator. Dedicated and completely devoted to Our Father God, Blessings have poured upon us as we have been so fortunate to have progressively grown "daily". With the internet, people from all over the world are visiting us and getting to know us through various media audio / visual communications available on the internet world. Free programs like Skype, Imo, and others have allowed us here at G M F Ministries, (Gospel Music Festivals ), to directly visually conduct and participate in various Christian Services, programs, funerals, addiction and life counseling, Praise and Worship, festivals, children's, Christmas events and the list goes on. Most people have no idea whatsoever how much this Ministry has touched hundreds of thousands of people, (our family), and meant to me and how God has used it to build me up personally to feel, do and be what I know He wants me to be. Now I keep saying "we" and speak of Our Heavenly Father and myself. Let's not forget the third person who deserves to be recognized, our web designer/maintainer, Cheryl.

Under extreme satan attacks we were in need of a real true site designer and were looking frantically for one when a friend, Denise Hill, of Alberta, Canada, suggested I call her designer, Cheryl Heflin, in Apache Junction, Arizona. Well folks, here was God at work - Again. :-) . I immediately contacted Cheryl almost instantly we bonded and "we joined forces" as a threesome team to share God's Word to the world. Our thoughts, minds sets and believes were right on as we agreed to disagree with Everything to evolve around Our Father God and only He receiving the Glory. This was a True Blessing from Above and over many, many years, as you all know know, we All have shared her Beauty and Sharing in our Ministry Walk with God. Now like I mentioned, all good things will come to an end so we are in the transition of going from Beauty to Handsome. Due to personal issues, Cheryl has health issues that have basically forced her to resign immediately from the Ministry. We will still be in touch but her time now will be devoted to her health, family, "Dawgs" and their Ministry "Back to the Manger", Apache Junction. Folks, you have know how many thousands of hours that we spent over the years working for Our Beloved Father in mind and heart. Our drafting, designing correction and proofing every single issue, colour by colour - word by word, it was all Blessings to us as we were burning the midnight oil and the candle at both ends. This was the norm, before it went on the site for you folks to clearly receive God's Blessing at its best as He would want it received. Believe it or not, it is with warm teary eyes that I type this and a few million thoughts and memories of our team partnership times together. Cheryl, "Thank-you so much." I pray daily that God richly Bless You each and everyday and that you keep looking up, as He has many great and wonderful blessings to come your way - I know this. Now, I did say from Beauty to Handsome. Well folks, again we have seem Our Father in action. After a few months of trying find new web designers / maintainer, and while visiting at their home, a friend of mine Larry and "Wifie", Nedia Keel in Huntsville, Alabama, (Featured Artist - on our Store page) suggested I call her web designer, Doug Diamond. Without hesitation, I called Doug, and next day, I was personally sharing time with him in his office, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Our bond, I personally feel, was "instantly" the same as when Cheryl and I first connected - God Inspired. God set it up so it has to Be Blessed once again, right - YES!

In closing folks, I ask for your continued Prayer support for His Ministry sponsor, our company, has always been our soul sponsor. I also ask for your Prayer support, for Cheryl in days to come, for Doug Diamond as our new team designer/maintainer, to all our Awesome Family folks world wide, along with those in need or lost and myself His Servant as well. Without Our Father's Complete Blessings and Grace carried to us thru His Son Jesus, we would not be what and who we are in Him. As I Always say: when times get tough and you are loaded down - "Let Go-Let God". Your Faith in Prayer thru Love for Him,will release All your problems, bar none. Amen.

Bob Olynyk

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