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June 2018 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Nedia Keel

Put God and Forgiveness before Anger and Gossip

I really hope you all have your steel toed boots on. There are a lot of Christians that like to play being a Christian. I mean we all make mistakes!! I know that probably better than anyone. I have gotten up set before so this is a hard pill for me to swallow too. I have lost my temper with a friend, family member, husband and maybe even my dog every now and again. The thing God wants us to do is CONTROL those urges! Tame the tongue. Who has heard before that God gave us two eyes and two ears but only one tongue and a cage of teeth to keep it locked up. Well AMEN to that. God knew what he was doing. But our tongue does twice the work that gets people into more trouble than our ears and eyes ever could.

How many have been discouraged by another brother or sister in Christ. You don't want to judge them when they have done something to hurt you. But sometimes we have a tendency to spout off to a friend about a situation about the person that hurt you. You try to seek out some friend or person to take your side or have the same opinion as you do about that situation because maybe you don't think you are in the wrong or that you did anything to cause the fight.

Well it happens to all of us. We are all guilty of not wanting to humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. But guess what? The Lord wants us to humble ourselves and become like little children and if you have ever noticed little children playing they are resilient. They play and fight and then start playing again. They forgive and forget so easily. We need to be that way. Like ducks in water. Let the water slide right off our back. Let whatever someone does or says reflect off you like the sun hitting a reflective surface. I never said it would be easy at all. It is HARD to do. No one ever masters it!! But God wants us to have a tender heart and ask for forgiveness whenever we have done something to hurt someone.

How hard is it to forgive someone? Well it depends on what was done. Someone stole your sandwich at work. Easy. Someone that killed a member of your family and claimed they found the Lord in prison? Not so much. I mean a sandwich can be replaced. Murder. Nope. That person will never be replaced. God I know does not want people to murder. I know in the old testament he used his people to wipe out wicked and abominable nations. And he wanted them to have the land of milk and honey. But he also turned his back on them and gave them over to being enslaved again and the temple being destroyed in the old testament when they stopped looking to him for comfort and help. I am sometimes amazed by the fickleness of the Children of Israel but then I see so much of them in us today. I mean sometimes our memory of God's goodness, is as long as a plug nickel. Very short indeed.

God not only wants us to forgive but he goes further in asking us to pray for those that persecute us. Pray for those that are killing us??? Really??? Wow!! I mean it's one thing to forgive someone but then to PRAY for good things and GOD to have an impact on and in their life?

Well, YES! When you pray for someone you are:

1. Putting it in God's hands which takes the worry and concern out of your hands.

2. Asking for God to have a positive impact on their life. This will have an impact on that person's thinking and attitude and may turn this person around to a more positive person that will have better more positive encounters with co workers, family, friends. Even if they never receive the gospel at least their behavior can be altered for the better with God helping. So yes definitely pray for your enemies or those that persecute you, because they are a troubled and vexed soul that needs prayer. So always put God and forgiveness before anger and gossip. It is hard to do sometimes but it is up to the Christians of the world to rise up and show others the light and the truth. So do the best you can to do just that!! May the Lord continue to bless each of you with his matchless grace and love.

Sincerely Saved,

Nedia Keel

P.S. Bob Olynyk has started a GOFUNDME page. Please visit and donate when and however possible. He truly needs any and all funds to help him continue to pay for his website as well. Blessings.

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