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March 2013 Newsletter

This Month's

Featured Writer is

Bob Olynyk



After a regular Gospel Music evening, the church Pastor came to ask me if I would help them with a young man that they could not help.
After a few questions I stated with a burst of excitement, " By all means, I would gladly help. God immediately began to warm me up within as I waited for this young man to appear.
After a few minutes the Pastor came to me and introduced a young, clean cut, handsome aboriginal man in his early 30's.
Now, in the Bible, God's Word is quite clear and if some may not understand the writings all they have to do is to ask someone who understands His Writings and all will be explained.
Now the same goes for Our Lords Words written by His Hand, on Stone: The 10 Commandments.
Plain, simple, right to the point, don't have to be a rocket scientist to clearly get the picture.
For example: “Thou Shalt Not Kill". Anyone not understand this? Point taken.
Now Dan, (his real name), was a proud God Filled man, who grew up with his Christian family on a local reserve, not too far from my home.
As he grew up over the years he was taught about, "The Creator", who was the Great White Chief above. He was the air, the water, the earth, everything basically. At an early age, 10-12, Dan met someone who ministered to him about accepting Jesus completely and only Jesus above all Spirit Gods. Dan became born again.
Now, always wanting to make his family proud, this excellent hunter, marksman, inspirational youth, joined the Canadian Army, to get a trade in heavy duty mechanics.
After going through his training, receiving his papers, he was deployed overseas to oversee "Big" trucks, tanks and all lines of equipment. Wow, he was in his glory, loved his job, family was proud, reserve looked up to him. What could go wrong?
Well, he was called to help the “Front Liners ". He was to break the "Sixth Commandment". Thou Shalt Not Kill. Well, Dan made it home safely after almost a year.
This is where I met him. He was to go back in two days, refused to go and was told that if he did Not go back, “He would be court marshaled and tossed into the brink", (jail) for quite some time. I got him into my truck and we slowly started the 40 mile drive to his parents’ home on the reserve. All the way, we prayed, cried, shared God's Promises and His Faithfulness. We talked of the drugs that they felt were being "slipped" into the food and drink. Drugs that made him feel extremely aggressive feelings, with urges to kill, as never before, weird mind games about torturing people etc. He shared the sights of blood and guts all over the place, he lived in Hell.
My answer to this was one which Placed Upon Us, right there in the truck. We Prayed that all the shots that were shot at Dan, would miss and that all the shots that this “Top Marksman" hunter, who only shot a gun for family food, would miss their target.
Father, we Thank-you for always being so faithful to Your Word. For Caring, Protecting, Watching and bringing Dan safely home to his family, completely unharmed after several extremely close encounters in battle. Settled with his wife and children with a great job as a “heavy duty mechanic", we Owe All the Glory to You, Father. This is only a tip of what Dan and I shared. You have really blessed this Whole Family with Your Blessings over the years. Thank-you Father for Your placing me on Dan's path and thank-you Dan, for our Awesome Prayer Journey, With "God as Our Savior”. God Will Always Bless You Dan, as you are a Proven Devoted Servant. Thank-you. Jesus.

Bob Olynyk - Host www.gospelmusicfestivals.com

"The Web-site With a Complete Ministry www.gospelmusicfestivals.net

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