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This Month's Article was written by

Cheryl Heflin

Graphic Designer & Webmaster of this site

A few months ago my husband and I watched 3 Christian movies, and we were very blessed by each of them. I especially loved that 2 of them were released in the theater
to the public. Unfortunately, there is not enough advertisement for these movies and
they get very little support by the Christian community, which makes it look as though there aren’t many people interested in seeing them, which of course tells Hollywood not to bother with “faith-based” films because there is no market for them. Too bad. We as Christians “say” we want better TV programming and good family films, yet we don’t support them when they come out.

The first movie was The Book Of Daniel. Extremely well done and accurate. This movie has been released on DVD. Great retelling of the Biblical story.
Click Here for the Trailer!
The second movie we saw (this was at the theater) was Grace Unplugged. Great story, well done! We invited 2 friends to join us and they really liked it.
Click Here for the Trailer!
And the third film we saw (at the theater) was Seasons of Gray. AWESOME modern day story of Joseph. WONDERFULLY done and such a BLESSING!! Great acting and story-line!
Click Here for the Trailer!
This last movie was the Best of them all, and unfortunately there was only one other person in the whole theater besides me and my husband. How very sad indeed.

As blessed as I was from seeing these films,  when we got home we watched a little bit of news on the laptop, and it greatly disturbed me.

  1. One of the news stories was about a man killing his neighbors, all 4 people living
    in the house, including their dogs, possibly because of the dogs barking, and then taking his own life.
  2. Another story was about a 16 year old boy who had killed his mother because she had grounded him.
  3. And another story was about a 25 year old man stabbing to death a mother and her 4 children in their home. The children were ages 1, 5, 7, and 9. The man was the nephew of the slain woman’s husband.
  4. And then there was the story of four young boys, 7- 12 years in age, who were caught on video torturing a kitten, kicking it until it was dead.

In studies of crimes like those killings, many times it’s been found that those people started out by torturing animals, like those young boys. That’s why I put that story
among the others. One might very well lead to the other. If what those young boys did
to that kitten is not taken seriously and those boys made to get the help they need, there is a very great possibility that they will grow to become abusive adults, and maybe even murderers.

Where would those young boys get the idea to do such a sickening thing? Maybe from the violent video games they play; or TV shows they watch; or the movies they go to on Saturday afternoons; maybe even from the lyrics in the songs they listen to.

I can’t help but think of the Heart of God, and how it must HURT HIM to see the ones he created be so vile.

How sick this world is. My heart hurts over those stories I watched on the news last night; how much more the Heart of God must hurt. He created us, yet, we’ve turned our backs on Him. We allow evil in movies and music to permeate our minds, ears, eyes. We poison ourselves and each other daily with filth. We’ve thrown away the Perfect Gift, His love, and have settled for this.

I just can’t get over this burden the Lord has put on my heart, all night long and first
thing this morning, to stop wasting time with worthless, meaningless words.

There is a song going through my head now that has great meaning in the lyrics, and it says it perfectly.
Click Here for the SONG! Some of the words are: "Let my words be Life; let my words be Truth; I don't want to say a word, unless it points the world back to You."
I just love that idea. Speak word of Life to the lost and hurting.

Because we have gone so far astray, and the DAY is surely coming when there will be no more time; why waste our time with empty words, empty deeds, just pleasing ourselves? We need to speak words of LIFE.  We need to do all we can, to encourage one another, and lift up the weak, and guide those that have lost their way, back to the Lord.

We speak of Revival, but what does that even mean? We can’t “go to a revival”. Revival isn’t a THING or a PLACE. A revival is something that happens; something we should be praying to happen.

To REVIVE (as in bring back to LIFE) the spirit of God in us. Wake up people! Before it’s too late.

I know not everyone will agree, but I have spoken all that the Lord has put on my heart.

Thank you for reading, and have a Blessed week.


† Cheryl Heflin ~ Email me!

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