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March 2015 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by
Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

Well that's it. I've had enough. I'm getting out of my truck, going over to that car right now and pull that jerk out. I'll "put his lights out, I'll drive him so hard; he'll land up into next month".
What he is doing is totally wrong, uncalled for, is out of line and completely belittling to that gal. I'll get him but good. He'll pay for his actions.
So, how’s your day going?  Here we have clear beautiful blue clear skies.  Minus -40' below. Awesome ice crystals sparkling through the super white blanket of snow. Wow.  What else could one ask for?
In our Heavenly creation stage, before we were sent to our earthly parents, God took the precise time to develop each and everyone one of us in His very unique, special and loving way.
Although so much the same, we are all different but the "Love Core", is the same within all of us.
Now the next stage is our "God Hand Chosen" Mom and Dad, our Earthly Parents. Now it is their job in life to teach us all that we should know as to how to survive on earth, in every way.
They will teach us things like, how to laugh, sing, crawl, walk, go to the "pottie", eat, talk, be polite, hopefully about Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, the devil, Heaven, hell along with the good, the bad and ugly and well, you know the rest.
'These are  great tasks to say the least as there are many other things in life here on earth that are much more fun and easier to do when one is young and is an inquisitive adventurist.
It is deeply hoped for and always desired that we as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and people in general would share in upbringing of young children properly and respectfully and help as well as they grow into adult hood.
I personally spent over 40 years with Boy Scouts plus most of those decades as well with other mixed groups, as well. God had me doing Ministry work in several fields all at one time and I was so Blessed just as I am now.
We Always taught of Our Heavenly Father, our parents, family, friends and all people being "of One" are to be treated with "Our Instilled Rooted Love", with the exception of one,”satan", the "darkened angel", the  "Red Devil" who NEVER gives up, on trying to tear us down, in many wrong and evil ways.
He has so many attractive ways of de-railing us all off our main line in life each and every day. Now, God knows that we are not and never will be perfect but His Wishes and Desires are that we follow His Life Planned Path to the best of our being taught and be tall during our daily walk. He desires  us to develop and grow a Faith bond with His Son Jesus as well as He  and in order to re-join Him in Heaven with Eternal Life as well by further accepting His Son Jesus into our hearts, for this guaranteed gift of Salvation.
Every choice we have in life is "ours" to make. No matter how hard we try; "We will never be perfect" but we can do our very best to "Walk the Talk" with and for God, when on our path.
Well, the above opening to this testimony is one of a God Loving, walking Christian who lost his "Earthly cool”, namely ME.  Yepper, satan stepped into my body for a few moments and I was in a; "destroy-hurt-kill this guy" mode. Oh boy, Not good at all.
As I was sitting in my truck, in a local store parking lot, a young couple with a baby in the back seat pulled up right beside me. The male driver started hollering, screaming showing the female passenger his fists as he beat on the dash, the steering wheel and council of their car. Huddled against the door in fear of being hit and sliding down to the floor, I could see where this could get to be real ugly. My immediately reaction was to Pray but for several minutes, nothing...the male just got louder. As I kept on Praying and was ready to go after the young driver, God TOLD me, “NO-Stay here". I did. Suddenly, the driver got out of the car, shouted a few unmentionable words, pounded the car, slammed the door and left for the store.
Fearing his seeing me and her safety, I waited a few minutes, approached the car and indicated for her to roll down her window and talk to me. I mentioned about my Praying for her and baby.
She was very fine manicured, dressed hi-end and baby was the same. She was in deep emotional pain as she responded to my Prayer and giving her our site-Ministry card, (see it on our Guest Book-page), along with the invitation to listen to God's Love Letter, ( Inspiration Corner) page.
Then through her tears and runny make-up came the most beautiful smile and the ever so warm words, softly spoken, “Thank you so much, thank-you, thank-you repeated over and over".
She just beamed a radiant glow of God’s Love that she just sat right up and Shown like a beautiful morning sun rise over the ocean. She had God in her, even before I approached the car.
For her protection, I left and proceeded to slowly drive away at which time, I read her lips through her beautiful peaceful smile," Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you" as I drove on.
So, people, what did you get out of this story?  Here's what I got.
I talk loud, I walk proud, I openly tell the world everywhere I am at, each and every day about My God,...what He has done for me, what He has planned for me and what all I want to continue to do for Him. It is a great picture, I have, an awesome Ministry I want to do with Him and "I Will" do it too, but as stated before, "we are not perfect", we need help.
 Just as I was going to get out of my truck and lam-base this heartless guy and God said not to, I Prayed and apologized to Him, ( I did again twice later), so I obeyed.
I bet you that 99% of you reading this would have done the same. Either your fist or purse would have relocated this guy’s block while satan laughed and Our Father cried.
Don't try to be perfect. You'll never succeed. Over the many years of this site Ministry, God has orchestrated our moves. If we do things on our own, chances are they fail. Cheryl and I could not ask for the reception of better Blessings that we receive from our team work with our Father God as He is constantly Blessing our hearts. Poor in money, BUT Rich in Blessings. WOW
Check out our "Inspiration Corner" page and listen to the video of; “God’s Love Letter" to us all.
May You be Richly Blessed from Above, Now and Always,

Bob Olynyk   Your Ministry Host

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