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You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
my God turns my darkness into light. (Psalm 18:28)

March 2018 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

Tell, me folks - Who is the Greatest Writer in the whole entire universe ? Who has the Most selling books, in the entire universe ? Who has the book that has the absolute true, open , honest , from the heart meaning and the factual words, put in print. The words that covers the beginning of the story right up until the ending - including the every exact and detailed moment completely right through ? You all have heard of Him, or most of those have excluding non-discovered places in remote places. You know Him ?

Someone who has personally known each and everyone of us since before we were born. Yes , before we were born on this earth to our chosen earthly parents.

A planted seed was formed, as you were created, then to earth you were sent, on a Blessed start in a new life.

Now, I bet you all know I am writing about,......Our Heavenly Father God. Yes, the Creator of the Heavens, the seas, the creatures - of which we are one. He is the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End - The King of Kings - the Lord of Lords and the Soul Creator of this Family Group called Life.

He has planned great things for each and every one of individually and has made it as our Path in Life.

Just like every roadway, it has it's ups, downs, curves , detours and many obstacles that we will be challenged on as we ventures on this path of Life. As we are not really fortune tellers of the future we may be lucky at times and be able to guess some things but we are not really guaranteed any of these thoughts of occurrences along your way.

Lets be blunt here, ok. Now, are you going to win a million dollar lottery ? If so, when and how much ? If not already, are you going to marry, have children, if yes, how many - and pets - what kind ? Where will you live and for how long ? Will you be happy throughout your life with you have or wound you want or need more ? Wow and when are you going to pass on ? Notice that I said , " Pass-on ": ? There is a reason.

As I wrote before, God is the Creator of all and has our entire detailed life planned out for us - Including Eternal Life, in other words we will Not Spiritually Die.

A part of our Life's Path there is one Huge problem., That being a fallen angel who went completely against God and is trying to cause trouble through out the world. Known as satan and other names, the devil etc., tries constantly, to steer everyone to do wrong things. Things against the wishes of God, in other words,....disobey Gods Words and Wishes.

Like well behaved children , we hopefully really to do our best to please our Father, but are not perfect . Sharing God's Love and Words of Faith help us to Grow with him and others who we meet along our path of life. The more we share this love, the happier our Father is but here where a problem arises and can really get nasty at times. Things go out of wack when this problem comes onto the picture and this is where our personal self can become a burden to our being.

Now, in His Word God has clearly stated that we are not to carry any troubles that will over weigh us, give them to Him - Now. So when evil, ( satan ) surrounds us - Give it to God - leave it with Him. Let your Faith in Him and His Son Jesus be your Guide. now we have had our Ministry site for many Faithful years and had Many Serious battles with satan but by and with God's Grace, we have won.

Now, since my near freak near death accident in Sept. 2017, my life has done a real change where yes, I am Alive, but things are much different. , Thank-you Father for sparing my life.

Not being allowed to work at my trades any longer - this is the major problem as my income has dropped a whopping 90 % and I can not carry on with any physical work.

For the past few weeks, I have to shut down part of our many , many , many on going years Ministering because of contacting people / places / etc. along with most of our other Free promotions along with other Free Ministerial offerings. The latest deletion a couple days ago was our International Free Calling service, being shut down. My Prayer is to be be able to get the same number back when we get re-established.

We are going to try to keep the site going as you see it with only the Monthly Newsletter and the Festival pages going. Sorry for all you fine folks who understood why we have done this.

Now I am completely comfortably in saying this - " satan - you can go back to your hell hole. God has a plan for us " and our Ministry just as He has for The - Back to the Manger Ministry of Pastor Ramon and Cheryl Heflin in Apachie Junction, Az. What God Creates and with His Love within our Hearts, " these Two Ministries will be re-born , bigger and stronger that before ".......satan you are a lost fool- how dare you - Who dare Go against God ".

In the beginning of this newsletter, I mentioned that there could be No death. The body in which we live, is only a temporary home mounded from God's hands. I am sure you have heard of ashes to ashes - dust to dust , well this is the basic receipt as I understand it. So where does the eternal life come into play. Very simple. Learn about Our Heavenly God. Follow Him and get to know His Son Jesus. You'll really get to Like / Love them both as they are two Spirits. You - inside you in the the Seed of the Third Spirit. This spirit was being with you all of your life on how ever so wish to teach it, your doing.

If you personally want this Free Gift of God's Blessed Forever Life you simply invite His Son Jesus to come and Live in Your Heart. Just a simple invitation is all that it takes to pass on through the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now you will complete the Three Spirits. The Father - The Son , being Jesus and your Spirit,...sweet eh. :-)

He is waiting for You, now. I Pray you receive Grace and Love :-)

I will personally stand by Our Father Forever, just as I know the Heflin's will with their Ministry.

We ask that you all continue to boldly pray for our continued Ministries as God's Arms and the Blood of Jesus.

Your Ministry site host,

Bob Olynyk
God's Servant

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