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May 2014 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian Christian Cowboy

Have you ever considered the "five" words, (5 W's), which when used together, basically put everything into perspective or define any issue? Do you know what these "five" simple words may be? Now without them being used, an issue, a problem, a project or a simple mystery or puzzle in all cases nothing will ever be solved! This is a fact!
How about if I just outright tell you? Who-What-When-Where-Why. Ah, yes, I knew you knew them anyway.
On the paper, Who had His What written and entered into the Holy What. Now When and Where was this done and Why was this whatever done for in the first place? Got Ya going in circles yet?
Ok, now that you have basically filled in the blanks, how about we put a few simple yet meaningful words and stories together here, ok.
How about we start "in the beginning" with Our Creator Father God.
It is written that; In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth within the vast universe. He brought light to show the land, water to create large oceans and seas, fish and other marine animals for the waters. For the vast lands He created fruit trees of many kinds and wild plants for food. He laid out plush green fields and animals of all kinds to roam these green fields. He hand placed shrubs, trees and such to the land and molded hills and mountains. Then He created another masterpiece; a man and from this man, He created a woman.
God did this to satisfy His Loneliness. From the sadness and loneliness in His Heart, God reached down from His Heavenly Home, poured out all His Love for six days to create our new "Earthly Home".
Wow, what a "Sweet” way to use the “Five W's", eh?
Who Loves us: God, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sister/brother, (most times), Aunty/Uncle, teacher and so on. The Love is the What and hopefully, all the time, would be the When.
People should love people, "all over the world. That would be the Where. God asks us to Love "Our-self and Love our neighbor as our-self. This would cover the Why, we are to Love.
I have "always" used the "5-W's" all my life. When each has its own place and you discover that place, your story, project, questions, mystery, etc. will "always" be answered. If you are missing "one W", you will never have proven your answer.
Check out God's Words in the Bible, “the 5 W's" are there as clear as day!
God did this for a reason. That being, for us to use our brain and to constantly "expand our horizons".
Like when I speak to groups, large or small, young or old, I am always asking questions to show people how to expand their knowledge. It is so simple. It is fun and you will see "everything" in a whole new way, I promise and guarantee you this!
Here is one of my simple questions: " If you jumped out of a Cessna 321 turbo prop aircraft, cruising at 280 MPH, level at 10,000 feet with "no" parachute could you survive the fall, landing safely, completely uninjured and walk away?  This is "not" a joke or trick question.
Of course, everyone will say, "no, of course not, never etc., to which I reply: " Get your head out of the sand, take your blinders off, get out of the box and open up your mind, because the answer is a very simple, YES"!  Try this from now on.
Nice thing here is that 8 out of 10 head doctors say "no".
Head out of the sand, blinders off, get out of the box, "open your mind to all options".
Find an answer or solution to complete the "5 W's" to arrive at the "Yes" answer; then personally email me at:  Please put "10,000 foot jump"   in the subject line. I will correct your answer, "if necessary" and reply either way.
Noah was not an engineer but He used the "5W's". That worked perfectly.
p.s. Curious to see the movie Noah, I ventured out last week at a local theatre. Not too sure what book was used for all info. Where does one find Star Wars in the KJV? I rate it as: 5% Biblical-95% Hollywood, in my opinion! My $9.00 could have gone towards giving a couple meals at our local food kitchen.
Blessed with the "Heavenly Seed of Love" planted within us, by Our Heavenly Father, before we descended from our Heavenly Home we are to share, love, give and be as One all the time and all over the world. The "5 W's"
May you all be richly Blessed, now and always,

Bob Olynyk    "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

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