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November 2012 Newsletter


This Month's

Featured Writer is

Novaley Ann Martin


Opening Comment by: Bob Olynyk:



Ever since Cheryl and I started this newsletter and have had "Featured Writers", we constantly stressed the fact that no-one has to be scholar, a master of words or have some University diploma to write us.
All we ask is that you let God put into your heart what He knows you desire and He will write it with you.
I have known Novaley for a number of years now, as we met at a gospel music festival, and I know that she relies on Our Heavenly Father a lot. She has expressed this to me personally many times that "God is always her answer". I have always believed this, as she "Radiates" when she speaks and shows her Love for God. I have constantly told her that she could write us a newsletter, yet she would say, "No, I can't". Well, Novaley let me tell you something girl. First, as I always tell people, you said "can't", which is a space filler in the dictionary and you my girl just proved yourself wrong. "You just wrote a beautiful "testimony" of how you feel and what you are doing for people and how you are serving your Father's desires. You wrote me a Testimony, Novaley, and Cheryl and I love it, and with your permission we would like to have you as our "featured writer" for November. Exactly what you wrote, and this notation, will be featured on our web-site. You will be a part of our team, blessed by God Almighty. Just email me back Novaley and say, "Yes".
Novaley's un-edited email to me: "This to me personally folks, is a testimony in itself". Amen.

Hi there, Bob,
I am not much of a writer, but I like to read, and work a lot.
God is sooo good.  He is an awesome God. What would we do without him?
I help out with people who don't have any food, shelter, or clothes. The place is called Siloam Missions in Winnipeg. I go there every first Tuesday of the month, and help with getting food ready for the people there, and then from seven to eight pm. we serve supper to at least three hundred people. They also have beds there so they can sleep there. First come first serves. Mostly men though, and hardly any women. Just a few women and a few children. I love it. I think this is what the Lord would want me to do. I enjoy watching them come in and eat their dinner. I have seen them even go through the garbage looking for extra buns. It is awful to see but look on the bright side, they are getting what they need. I must go. See you soon. Novaley




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And please put “Newsletter Article” in the subject line.
Thank you. ~  Bob Olynyk

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