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November 2014 Newsletter


This Month's Article was written by

Bob Olynyk

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

"Communication- Not"
Driving across the super-fast, ever busy 401 Hwy. is a never ending self-set program of driver communication between the driver's brain, reactions and conditions of the whole situation. How is the weather? The road conditions, your fuel amount, the mechanical condition of your vehicle. All these issues are in constant process as we navigate cautiously, safely and with our experience of being in communication control as we travel on our trip to our destination point ahead.
Travelling at speeds sometimes higher than posted, yet staying with the flow of other traffic groups, we stay like this as we are comfortable, confident and within communication with in our surroundings and selves.
It was on one of these such ventures of many we had before that I was again enjoying my four granddaughters, in the back of the van laughing, bouncing in their seats, ( while buckled in), and just doing all sorts of crazy giddiest sweet girlish things. They had the TV van video player, their I-Pod things for other CD shows and their cell phones. 

Back at their home, I had gotten them the whole Wi-set of drums, guitar, key-board etc., mics. T.V sound system, along with the karaoke set up. It was basically a complete electronic game-music-radio-TV and such recording studio or simply a high end, "games room". Everyone thought I was nuts to do this, but that equipment has entertained many people over the years and still is. "We know where and what is going on" in that huge room!
When controlled and used under the proper authority, all is not at waste what-so-ever and can turn out to be one of a person’s best investments. Just like a simple yard gift like a sand box-swing-slide set, a basketball and net set-up or a trampoline. Three other investments that can bring and keep the family together as they play outside. Indoor games or outdoor sports in the winter. All year communication, face to face as one!
My children as did my grandchildren grew up as a family with any and all electronics being monitored and controlled. One area where it excels is it has proven in the area of much faster reaction times and concentration.
Yes, once in a while things go astray and you could end up in the ditch or off the path of communication. Just like when the one day, mentioned above. After a couple hours of "our giggling gals", having us laughing up front, I finally asked what they were talking about that was so funny. Oh Grandpa, we are texting. Oh, ok. So who all are you guys texting that were so funny, I asked? Their answer, “Each other". At first I was quite surprised at this answer until shock set in. Oh my, what have we done here? What has happened to our personal line of face to face communication within our world, our friends our family? Ever since that particular day, I have automatically noticed, the "No-communication" of people to people while face to face. Couples with a device glued to their ear or hand speeding along at 110 miles towards ending their message for another as they are aimed to the end message of carpal tunnel, surgery and possibly a useless hand down the road. I see young people not even thirty years of age suffering already.
Of all the awesome body functions God has built into us, I feel we should use them while we can.
If possible, talk on the phone, not text. Better yet, if you both have computers, use Skype. It's "free" and I talk the world personally face to face "daily". Hook up a Skype or G-mail "Free" phone. There is "Free" Facebook call as well, but when and where possible; use God's system. It is the best. It is Free and when together with some, it is always present. I am talking about, your eyes to see, your voice to speak and your ears to listen. Then there is your mouth to smile and arms to hug.
I did mention to my granddaughters that I was surprised and taken back by what they were doing by, in my opinion, miss-using communication.  We did discuss the pros and cons and the way they communicate today is always the best at the time and conditions.
Like driving across any busy roadway, communication can be the making of a great day in life or the end of any situation under the wrong conditions.
To have someone look you square in the eye and say, “I Love You", is a picture that gets etched in one's heart. To receive it thru a text message or an email, is not the same. When I get such a message, I close my eyes and try to imagine that person saying it to me personally.
This is what Our Father desires of us. For us to express His Love through ourselves to others through personal eye to eye contact along with the tone of voice, the smile, the touch, the whatever. Communicate with the release of this internal Planted Seed of Love and the world will be a better place.
Keep your hands on the wheel of life, your actions from your heart and use your God given communication gifts before store bought ones.
Thank-you Father for all our personal communication Blessings and most of all Thank-you for Your gift of Life here on earth and for us who chose, Internal Life with You, through Your Son Jesus.
That is right folks; "Eternal Life" Guaranteed 100 % simply by surrendering yourself to "The Son" who paid it all, for us, already. Just a simple Prayer of invitation, asking Jesus into your heart for evermore.
God Does Bless....Big Time!

Bob Olynyk   "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"


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