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October 2012 Newsletter


This Month’s Featured Writer is
Bob Olynyk



Autumn, awesome time as the leaves are a beautiful array of greens, oranges, reds, yellows and such as God again shows us how beautiful His arrangement of our world can be. The beauty of Nature, the Blessings of yet another Gift from above. We should always appreciate gifts given to us, no matter from whom or what they are.
This brings to me the thought of an old saying that I would like to share with you, my opinion. " Money is the root of all evil". This is to me a remark like, “The gun shot the man". Money, as is the gun are animated objects, they can Not do things without man's direction.
God gave the inner being to desire things. How we direct these desires, is entirely up to us. To ask for our necessary life sustaining needs is fine with in limits but to get carried away and go overboard, in not what God desires, of us.
Man is the root, not the money, the desire to harm, is man, not the gun!
Always remember folks, With Prayer thru Faith, God will Never fail to supply us with our "needs", as we require them, no matter what they are. Simple examples: clothing, lodgings and so on. Need a vehicle for transportation, He will supply one. Hey, all you need is four wheels, an engine and a body with doors. You do Not need power everything, (you have arms to crank the windows), and some overpriced fuel. The money you get is a Gift from above, use it wisely. Do not cheat, steal or swindle money as that makes You the root of evil. I, as we all have seen, the desire for money so strong, that the "Money Lust" , has ripped families apart. As I sit here placing pen to paper, I know of 5 yes "five" court cases of "Money Lust" going on and the lawyers are in a state of, Heaven on earth, as they roll in the money. "Government" trusties, Not releasing monies to these who it belongs to. Estates are up in the air. Who is the root of all evil. It is the sad, sick seed of satan as he digs deeper into people soles with the sick lust of money, getting even and other things. God is not happy with this. What are you doing about or with this. I quite often get mocked because of my Love for and Desire to be a Good and Faithful Servant, but it makes me stronger as I Know, the devil has made these people say things, Not the person themselves. I smile, and as I walk away, I inform them that, " I'll Pray for them".
In closing, let me share this: on a utility pole, outside my home, I have painted a cross on a hill, on the front with 4 Him on one side of the pole and W.W.J.D on the other. My question to You is "What would You do"? Would You please You or would You please The Master"?
Please go to Inspiration Corner right now and listen to Who Loves You.
May Our Father Bless You as Your Faith Grows and You Walk With and For Him. Amen Bob


This Month's Movie is: W.W.J.D. Enjoy and be Blessed!


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