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James Peters

This Month's Featured Writer is

Bob Olynyk

The Canadian
Christian Cowboy



Ya know folks, all my life I have been amazed and Loved God's timing in our; "Personal Life's story and the stories of others".
His precise moments of delivery are indescribable at times and beyond comprehension at most.
A couple years ago at one of many festivals that I was M.C. at, I took note of a young aboriginal boy watching the musicians and the singers as they performed on stage. The more I watched this young fella; I knew that there was something real special about him.
After a couple hours, I approached him, introduced myself and at that instant, a friendship started.
I asked if he played an instrument of any kind. He hummed and hawed and said, kind of, the fiddle, he replied.  I asked him to get it and I would audition him and get him on stage, that day. He stated that he did not have one, had never performed and his foster family had no money. "No problem partner", I stated, let’s get you one to use.
I got an "unique" loaner fiddle, from my friend Lorne, who makes fiddles, banjos, guitars, mandolins, etc.,.....out of: hoes, cookie cans, coffee tins, garden rakes, deer horns, grain shovels, wash basins, foot tubs and the list is endless. James, My new friend, picked out a; "Shortbread cookie tin" homemade fiddle and out in the parking lot, at that moment, started playing his heart out, by ear!
Wow, is this Mentally Challenged young man ever loaded with an ear for music. I personally know of such others who can play any tune and have "never even heard" it played or sung.  "Now, if that is not a True Love Blessing from Above, I do not know what is.
Yes I did get James on stage that day; he did play his heart out to a "Standing Ovation". People loved him and God blessed him. What a day it was for his young man, his family and the world. Later, before I left, he and I talked and Prayed, that he would always keep God in his Faith circle at all times and with Love and patience, in time, God Will Bless him and I will get him on the Gospel circuit.
Being raised in a Christian home, from three weeks of age, James was ecstatic. So were we all!
During the past couple years, James did odd jobs and raised enough to buy a real nice fiddle of his own. He played his heart out to everyone, from animals, to people, to the trees and the world they were in. This young man was Blessed by God and through this was Blessing people with his, "Ear for music" !
A few months ago, James went to stay with his big foster brother in the city of Winnipeg. Seeing the value of this fiddle, his brother sold it for drug money and held James against his will so no one would find out. James managed a phone call and was rescued away after a couple months.
Hearing this and wanting to buy him a fiddle and electric guitar, I put out a plea to the festival audience, also on Facebook to everyone I spoke to everywhere and God told me to call our local radio station. I did and after two days of tracking me down, I received a call from Lois, a local Portage la Prairie, country gal, about a man trying desperately trying to contact me. The man was Nestor Sandul, renowned fiddle builder, music writer and awesome player of the fiddle and dulcimer. I immediately got in touch with his wife Sophie and went first thing next morning; I went to their home and met them personally.
What a Blessing it was to meet this man and his wife as he toured me through his collection and we shared names of well-known Musicians back over sixty years ago. My father too was also a fiddle/drum/piano player/harmonica/glockenspiel, accordion player, just as I am also.
We shared the gut wrenching story of how James lost his fiddle. Without hesitation, Nestor, who is a well-known and highly respected member of the "Manitoba Fiddlers Association", stepped up to the plate and "Donated" the fiddle saying, "It is not a new one, but it has a beautiful sound". Boy does it ever. We talked and will be getting together for a jam or two in the future, with other famous musicians and James. I will record these events.
I immediately drove up to Northern Manitoba and with a pre-planned meeting, (not known to James), with James closest Family and Loved ones, presented him with; "His New-Old Fiddle". (Resembled his stolen one). There were a few tears, but a smile bigger than the Brooklyn Bridge.
James was in a depressed state after the loss of his fiddle, but with our local radio station, Lois for hunting me down, Nestor for his generous giving heart and the Blessings of God's Grace upon this young 18 year old man, makes our lives of "Giving and Sharing" a worldly Blessed Pleasure. Lord Willing, I will write again about James and his Gospel Music Future in a couple years and I am still looking for an "Electric Guitar" and even a base guitar, for James as well. He is kind of leaning towards, “Lite Christian Rock". Want to help this young fella in any way: just contact me personally. (   put "HELPING JAMES" in the subject line) Do what you can and God Will Reward you in return. "God loves those who unselfishly give to others”!
To his step parents/family Maryann, Bless You all in your home, Neil and Barb as his new mentors, as He has, God Will direct and Lead You as well. To Lois, thank-you for finding me and Nestor, James has a Hug for you too.
SPECIAL NOTE:  In closing I will reveal to the world, a true statement: " As a ward of the government, James Saved his father’s life, but it was never allowed to be recognized or release anything.", I call it: Government idiot-aucracy, because it is true, you know !
May God's Grace, Mercy and Blessings, fall upon each one You who has helped James, as Our Father showers His never ending Love upon You.
Bob Olynyk   Host 

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