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October 2015 Newsletter



This Month's Article was written by
Jack Brown

Every Pastor Deserves a Break

Dear Friends,

Hopefully you would agree that every Pastor needs an occasional break.

Many of you know that Donna, my wife, recently traveled the cancer journey, experiencing the devastating effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  During this process which lasted for nearly a year, she was covered with prayers.  The prayers were so real that we could both feel their healing powers. 

Donna knows that her doctors and medicine were a vital part of her healing; however, she also knows that her ultimate healing was given by God who heard each prayer that was said for her.  She also learned that there are certain scriptures and Biblical Principles that can be counted on to ease our burdens, whether they be physical, emotional, or even financial.

Following her recovery, (she is healed by the blood of Jesus) she began to feel a strong calling to share her non-denominational message of hope and encouragement from the perspective of one who has traveled the journey.  Her easy-going manner and occupation in human resources at various state agencies, and her present position with the Virginia Department of Transportation has prepared her to speak in front of large groups and she would welcome the opportunity to share with your church.  You will also learn of how her work relationships played a major role in her recovery.

Her ministry began with a single church in Bedford, Virginia and has now spread to over 20 churches of many denominations, and Christian fellowship groups, each of whom would be pleased to provide a positive reference.  The presentation takes 20-25 minutes (about the length of a typical sermon) and the minister and elders often conclude with an invitation for anyone in need of special prayer or anointing.  It has been so rewarding to witness the tears shed and hope given to all who come forward.  We always hear: "I wish -------- would have been here to have heard your message".

Please consider giving Donna the opportunity to come and share in a meaningful way with your congregation, inviting all those you know who are in need of a special touch from our Lord, Jesus Christ.  There is absolutely no charge and Donna gladly provides a copy of her testimony and references to the pastor in advance of scheduling a date.

She also asks me to play a couple old hymns on the trumpet which I always look forward to.  If you have never seen The Gospel Trumpet, there is a new YouTube video which was just posted by our friend, Donnie Hall who hosts an annual "Blessing in the Backyard" gathering in Waynesboro, VA., a very informal Christian event filled with good preaching, music and some of the best food around.  In addition to the Gospel Trumpet video, you are encouraged to watch any of Donnie's posted videos which can be referenced from that website.  The Gospel Trumpet video can be found by copying and posting the following in your web browser: or by searching "Blessing in the Backyard Jack Brown Gospel Trumpet"

Please feel free to share this email with all those you believe would be interested in receiving a positive Bible-based message of hope.

Both Donna and I remain yours in Christ and look forward to sharing with you in the near future.

She can be reached at (540) 943-9110, or by email:


Jack Brown

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