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October 2018 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

A bad day in my life but a great Blessing came to be.

I was getting ready to leave for my M. C. duties at a Gospel Music Jamboree when I had a "Freak Near Death Accident". I accidentally got stabbed under my throat by - a ball point pen......yes..... a pen. My windpipe was 100% blocked off and I dropped, with no way to breathe. In my mind, I cried out to God to send Jesus to help me. Within a split-second as I was passing out, JESUS told me what to do and followed through with guiding me. The sudden jolt of my windpipe being cut off sent a surge of blood to my brain, thus a stroke. I did manage to get back to breathing and with God's Loving Grace.

When I was taken to the emergency room at the local hospital, I guess they thought I was done for. Couldn't walk, nor talk, nor move, but just lay there like log as the medical team did their work - as they were losing me.

All they could comment on was on"why I was smiling when I should be dying . WHY WAS I.......because I KNEW THAT I WAS GOING TO LIVE. Well, 90 days and sharing My Lord's Love, I was released with a 100% Amazing Miracal beyond their belief. Regained my whole body from top to bottom and started to live another new life again.

I decided to take a short vacation to Alberta before I headed out east to see family then hit the USA country. Well, somewhere during my trip out west, I manage to pick up a serious virus... which has sent me into a tail-spin. There are about 5-7 cases of it that we heard of here and no one can figure it out whatsoever. My symptoms are quite different than before but I know once again that God is in control. I have given it to His Loving Arms.

The Ministry speaking scheduling, etc. is on hold until I am ready to travel and we have our Alabama Gal, Nedia Keel doing our main newsletter writing with Mr. Doug Diamond doing the site entries.

Please keep me in your Prayers as My Father heals my body to 100%......thank you.

Be Blessed.

Your Ministry site host,

Bob Olynyk
God's Servant

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