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You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
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October 2019 Newsletter


This Month's Featured Writer

Bob Olynyk

Way back when, Our Father was going through His Personal Log book, He came across a couple that He decided to unite in an earthly marriage and have them start a family. After a year of their marriage,....Ta-Da....they had a handsome,...bouncing ....noisy attention calling Boy,....that was born. As was then the medical protocol at that day in time....,.. Dr. Rennie, ..took .the little was hung upside down and given a..." Smack " on the sweet little start him going on his life starting noisy venture of : Boy jabber " of sorts, as the girls call it. Given the name - Robert ( Bob ) Anthony Olynyk, I...being the new guy, was introduced to the world of family , friends and others as time went on. I was taught right from wrong, good from evil, ... who God was and who the devil was and how to live with,...respect,...respect for others and to live openly with truth and love for all man kind. In my life time, I would live with and equally befriend all colour,...races and creeds of people. My life would be also learn to love animals , nature and our earthly home as I was only passing through. I was a typical boy,...sticks,...skipping stones on the water,....stunts on my bicycle,...teasing girls,.....yuck....until one day,....yucky seamed cute....ha-ha. Sling shots,..cowboys and Indians,... and the list keeps on,....even until this day. Let me pick out a few milestones. I deeply loved my Mom and Dad as they struggled through it all to give us their all in all in everything. Now comes some of the learning mistakes I learned on my own.

About the age of 7 or so, my friend Stanley brought over a couple cigars that he stole from his dad. He said that thy were good as his dad smokes them everyday and we should try one each, so where should we go. We decided to do to our deluxe-two seat out house " out in the back yard. Of his many trades, my Father was Blessed with many trades though his work , thus the two-seat...with the half moon and the chimney on the roof.....but we still used the Sears catalogue crumpled into a softer texture though....times were tough...Anyhow, Stan and I got comfortable....just sat with the hatches closed,...struck up a wooden match and began to puff away,...choked a bit but learned real quick not to breath in too much like our dads did. Suddenly,...someone came walking down the boardwalk and hollered out to us,...." Boys,...what are you two doing in there " ? It was my Mom,...we were dead, I answered,...." Nothing Mom " which she replied,..."well get out here NOW and bring your Nothings with you ". Well we tried to but out the cigars which seamed to take hours, then we came out with a huge plume of smoke,....darn chimney didn't work with all that smoke. Stanley,.." you get home,...I'll see your Mother sit down here and take out what you have been up to. So, being the obedient boy and listening to Mom, I took out the cigar .Well as I feel that you are with me again in this picture, I did as i was told. Put the cigar in my mouth, Mom took a wooden match from her supply department apron, lite it and proceeded to have me puff on the cigar as she lit it. Puff want to smoke yourself,....keep puffing until the cigar is all gone,...well, not quite, stomach said that it had enough and it was " puke-time ". After I got some water from the pump, the scrub pail and brush I HAD A DICKENS OF A TIME CLEANING UP AS IT STUNK SO BAD YET,... THE DOG AND CATS WERE FEASTING. When I was about 8 or so, my uncle Steve always always walked around with a block ,...about 1 inch. by 3 inches by 1/2 inch thick of,...chewing tobacco, in his pocket and a wad in his mouth as he walked around spitting at anything that he could hit. He could dead-ring the mouth of a spittoon, 15-20 foot. That interested me and then he asked me one day if I wanted to learn how to be a sharp stootin' boy,....just like him. Of course, I wanted to that just like My Uncle Steve. Now in all fairness to him, I must say that he had warned me numerous times about the harm of chewing tobacco,....but told me that al I had to do was to try it once, the heck..... Now...take the big bite...break it away from the plug....don' t swallow...and chew it all up to mush. Well as I did it got hotter and hotter as my mouth started to burn, the hot liquid started to leak out and started to flow all over me......STOP HERE - " NOW QUIT YOUR LAUGHING " . Anyhow, I accidentally swallowed a fair bit of this hot fiery stuff and,........ guessed it.....I spewed all over the lawn. Well my uncle Steve just laughed his hardy laugh and offered me another fresh plug to try again,.....NOT . With a big hug he just stated that he felt that I had just learned a good lesson. I sure did but, a typical boy,...i will still learn more stuff.

Upon our mid grade final grad nite..grade 8, ceremony, another friend of ours, Russel took his dad's compa to be ny huge station wagon out with all of us guys packed into that lumber wagon , to a " secret " spot where we met a fella who got us, actually, either gin or Blue Nun sweet wine. Man,...we ere cooking. I was dressed in a new black suite, white shirt and black tie and new black Hart Leather Men's dress shoes. Well,...lets not go there but we ended up along the main railroad line, far from town, rolling in the ditch which had just been brush cleared with the fire crews that week. Every part of my being was " black ". including the contents of my outward stomach hastily departed...Oh well....I am just a boy.

Several years passed then one year when I was about 15 or when we were at a hockey game in town. Another friend, Steve, said that he had a different kind of " smoke ", it is good and that I should try one. Well, trusting my buddy Steve, why not, so I was going to lite up,....I am a trusting guy...I carefully listened to him I was told exactly how to take three deep inhales and three exhales in a row to get the best effect of this real nice sweet smelling stuff that he was puffing on. So I took three Deep inhales and three exhales as deep as I could and before I knew it ...."Ol Faithful ", guts rolled out all over the bleachers..people and all.....I'm done,...gonna die,...never again " wackie-tabacce ".

Yes later on in my days I did smoke and drank and basically quit when my son told my me that he loved me and did not want to lose My father smoked like a steam engine and suffered for almost seven years with an oxygen before emphysema took him. I quit soon after.

Smoking, drinking all the drugs out there today are so instantly addictive and fast in hooking a person into a habit. Just in closing I must say and mention here is on one of the latest drugs that is taking the wold by storm.....Vaping or just.... VAP... A very healthy friend of mine started on vaping saying that it was easier then tobacco of sorts. He only smoked the finest of blended choice tobacco in paper roll or pipe....Vap was nothing , he said. I spoke against it as being as a poison chemical mixed by men and was 100 % deadly.

To end my story,...he performed on stage Thursday evening,...sang, danced, felt ok, went home, went to the doctor a few days , they ran a ton of test as he started to have breathing issues, the results in a " rushed " few days with the answer being,.... he had a few months to live..BOTH lungs were completely BURNED out.......he passed less than six weeks....yes...two days short of six weeks......just a couple years past his sixtieth birthday.....great guy,...good life,....great family / partner / friends , tons of fans........gone.

My Prayer being that if you read this testimony and respect the life that Our Heavenly Father has given you,...release all bad,..." Sinful " habits and live as God wishes us to. Like all, I sinned in the past, I have tried to do thinks His Way...Not My Way. If the going gets tough,....just... P U S H ....Pray Until Something Happens......or simply.....Let Go...- Let God....With a simple Prayer of asking Jesus into your heart,....You Will Be so many ways plus you Heavenly Home will be awaiting your presence at The Supper Table.......WOW......What a Blessed place to be.

Bob Olynyk, The Canadian Christian Cowboy
God's Servant

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